Everything You Need to Know about Six Flags America Rides

The Complete Guide to Six Flags America Rides: Which Rides Are Worth Your Time?

Six Flags America - Harley Quinn

Six Flags America

If you are planning a trip to Six Flags America and have never been before, you probably have asked yourself what rides are at the park. Six Flags America has a vast selection of rides available at the park ranging from rollercoasters to water rides.

There are 45 rides at Six Flags America, which may seem like a lot because it is. Of those 45 rides, nine are rollercoasters, thirteen are kiddie rides, two are playgrounds, and 30 are family rides.

This article will give you an overview of all the rides and attractions at Six Flags America, including ride experience, average wait times, height requirements, and recommendations on whether the attraction is worth your time or a waste of time.

There is a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Six Flags America Rides

NameTypeLocationThrill LevelHeight RequirementsAverage Wait Times
Flying CarouselSwingMain Street 1776Mid48″5-10 minutes
Capital RailwaysTrainOlde BostonLowN/A w/adult15 minutes
CarouselCarouselOlde BostonLowN/A w/adult; 38″ to ride alone5-10 minutes
The Great RaceOn-Rail DrivingOlde BostonLowN/A w/adult; 48″ to alone5-10 minutes
Tea CupsSpinningOlde BostonMidMin: 36″ w/adult; 48″ to ride alone10-15 minutes
Mind EraserRollercoasterCoyote CreekMax54″15-20 minutes
Coyote Creek Crazy CarsBumper CarsCoyote CreekLowN/A w/adult10-15 minutes
Renegade RapidsRapids Water RideCoyote CreekLowN/A w/adult20-30 minutes
Rodeo SpinningCoyote CreekMidN/A w/adult5-10 minutes
High SeasSwinging ShipChesapeakeMidN/A w/adult5-10 minutes
RoarRollercoasterChesapeakeMax48″20-25 minutes
FirebirdRollercoasterChesapeakeMaxMin: 54″; Max: 78″20-25 minutes
Pirate’s FlightAerial CarouselChesapeakeLow42″5-10 minutes
CycloneSpinningChesapeakeMid36″ w/ adult; 48″ to ride alone5-10 minutes
Shipwreck FallsWater RideChesapeakeMidN/A w/adult10-15 minutes
The Wild OneRollercoasterMardi GrasMax48″15-20 minutes
Ragin’ CajunRollercoasterMardi GrasMaxMin: 48″ w/adult; 54″ to ride alone5-10 minutes
Zydeco ZingerMagic CarpetMardi GrasMid42″5-10 minutes
Big Easy Speedway (Additional Fee)Go-KartsMardi GrasLow40″ w/adult; 58″ to drive alone0-5 minutes
Voodoo DropTower DropMardi GrasMaxMin: 48″; Max: 76″10-20 minutes
French Quarter FliersAerial CarouselMardi GrasMidMin: 36″ w/ adult; 44″ to ride alone5-10 minutes
Bourbon Street FireballSuper LoopMardi GrasMax48″10-15 minutes
The Joker’s JinxRollercoasterGotham CityMax54″20-30 minutes
Superman Ride of SteelRollercoasterGotham CityMaxMin: 54″; Max: 76″20-30 minutes
BatwingRollercoasterGotham CityMaxMin: 54″, Max: 78″20-30 minutes
Riddle Me ThisSpinning RideGotham CityMax48″10-15 minutes
Penguin’s Blizzard RiverWater RideGotham CityLowN/A w/adult10-15 minutes
Wonder Woman Lasso of TruthSwing RideGotham CityMaxMin: 44″ w/ adult; 48″ to ride alone20-30 minutes
Harley Quinn SpinsanityPendulum Swing RideGotham CityMax52″20-30 minutes
Great ChaseJunior CoasterLooney Tunes Movie TownLowN/A w/ adult; 42″ alone0-5 minutes
Elmer’s Around the World in 80 secondsKid’s Aerial RideLooney Tunes Movie TownLowN/A w/adult; 36″ alone; Max: 54″0-5 minutes
Foghorn Leghorn’s Tinsel Town TrainKid’s Train RideLooney Tunes Movie TownLow36″0-5 minutes
Looney Tunes Prop WarehousePlaygroundLooney Tunes Movie TownLowN/AN/A
Pepe Le Pew’s Tea PartySpinning RideLooney Tunes Movie TownLowMin: 36″; Max: 52″ 0-5 minutes
Sylvester’s Pounce and BounceKid’s Drop RideLooney Tunes Movie TownLowMin: 36″; Max: 54″0-5 minutes
Taz’s Film WorksKid’s Swing RideLooney Tunes Movie TownLowMin: 36″; Max: 54″0-5 minutes
Yosemite Sam’s Hollywood Flight SchoolAerial CarouselLooney Tunes Movie TownLowMin: N/A with one other rider at least 54″; 42″ to ride alone0-5 minutes
Up, Up & AwayKid’s Ferris WheelWhistlestop ParkLowN/A w/adult5-10 minutes
Happy JunctionConvoy RideWhistlestop ParkLowN/A w/adult0-5 minutes
Sky JumperKid’s Drop RideWhistlestop ParkLowN/A w/adult0-5 minutes
Splash ZoneSplash PadWhistlestop ParkLowN/A N/A
Whistlestop Bus LineCrazy BusWhistlestop ParkLowN/A w/adult0-5 minutes
Whistlestop Park PlaygroundPlaygroundWhistlestop ParkLowN/AN/A
Whistlestop TrainTrain RideWhistlestop ParkLowN/A w/adult5-10 minutes
Whistlestop WhirlybirdsAerial CarouselWhistlestop ParkLowN/A w/adult0-5 minutes

Main Street 1776

Main Street 1776 is the entrance to Six Flags America and the first themed area you will come across in the park. Main Street 1776 has a Colonial American theme based around the year of independence of the United States. There is only one ride in Main Street 1776, a swing ride called Flying Carousel.

Flying Carousel is a classic rising swing ride that you can find in many amusement parks around the world. On Flying Carousel, you sit in single-passenger chairs, rise into the air, and swing in a wide circle. Occasionally the ride tilts, which causes you to raise higher or lower, depending on where you are.

Flying Carousel is a fun family ride that isn’t scary, which makes it great for kids, but if you are looking for high thrills, you can skip Flying Carousel because it doesn’t offer that.

Olde Boston

Olde Boston, like Main Street 1776, is a colonial-inspired themed area based on Boston, Massachusetts, during the American Revolution. There are four rides in Olde Boston, including the Capital Railway Train.

#2 – Capital Railways

Capital Railways is a short train ride from Olde Boston to the Oak Grove Picnic Pavilion. It’s a relaxing ride that’s great for transportation around the park or if you want to get off your feet for 10 minutes. If you or your kid are interested in trains, riding the Capital Railways Train is worth your time.

Carousel is your typical classic carousel ride that everyone knows and loves. There are a variety of horses and other animals you can ride on as you slowly move around in a circle to whimsical music. You should try it out if you or your kid have never been on a carousel ride. Otherwise, there are many more exciting rides at the park to experience. Luckily, the wait time for this ride is short, so you’ll be on and off quickly.

#4 – The Great Race

The Great Race at Six Flags America is an antique on-rail driving ride where you slowly drive around a short course in an antique car. If you have ever driven a golf cart, the experience is similar.

Unfortunately, as a ride, the Great Race is not good. The scenery is dull and empty, besides views of a parking lot and the backside of buildings. There are some themed billboards toward the end of the ride, but that’s it. However, this could be a fun ride for an underage kid who can’t drive a real car yet. Otherwise, this is not worth your time.

#5 – Tea Cups

Tea Cups at Six Flags America is perfect if you like spinning rides. On the Tea Cups, you completely control how fast you spin during the ride. You determine the speed of the cup by turning a wheel in the center. The faster you turn the wheel, the faster the cup spins. It’s a simple ride but one of the best in the park if you can handle the spinning. If you can’t and are prone to motion sickness, you should avoid this ride as you will likely throw up.

Coyote Creek

Coyote Creek is a themed area at Six Flags America based on the American Frontier and the Wild West. Coyote Creek has four rides: a rollercoaster, a rapids river water ride, bumper cars, and a spinning ride.

#6 – Mind Eraser

Max Height109 ft
Max Speed49.5 mph
Ride Duration1:36

Mind Eraser at Six Flags America is a suspended looping rollercoaster with multiple inversions, a max speed of 49 mph, and a 109 ft chain lift hill. The ride feels short at only 1 min 36 seconds, but a lot happens. You go through five inversions in that time, including three loops and back-to-back twists. It’s an intense but fun ride that is worth your time.

#7 – Coyote Creek Crazy Cars

Coyote Creek Crazy Cars at Six Flags America is the only bumper car ride in the park. Bumper Cars, if you aren’t familiar with the concept of this classic attraction, is a ride where you drive around in mini cars and try to hit as many other riders as possible. It’s fun for people of all ages, and Coyote Creek Crazy Cars is the only way you can experience this type of ride at Six Flags America, so it’s worth getting on, especially if you come to the park in a big group.

#8 – Renegade Rapids

If it’s a hot summer day and you want to cool off from the sun, one of the best ways to do that is to get on a water ride. Renegade Rapids is a rapid river water ride that soaks all riders from head to toe and is also one of the most fun rides in the park.

On Renegade Rapids, you sit in a round raft and drift down a winding river filled with rapids. Each time you hit a rapid, water crashes into the raft drenching all riders. But the person who gets the wettest is the one who happens to be going backward at the time. Who that person will be is random, and what makes Renegade Rapids one of the funniest rides in Six Flags America!

This one is definitely worth your time to ride if you can. Unfortunately, since Renegade Rapids is a water ride, it is only open during the Summer and Fall seasons, from March to October.

#9 – Rodeo

Rodeo is a standard spinning ride with a western bull riding theme. There is nothing unique about this ride other than the bull-shaped cars. If you like spinning rides, this may be enjoyable. If not, you can safely skip this ride without worrying about missing out on anything.


The Chesapeake area in Six Flags America is themed after the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States. In Chesapeake, most rides and building architecture have a nautical theme. There are six rides in Chesapeake, including two rollercoasters and one of the most popular water rides in the park, Shipwreck Falls.

#10 – High Seas

High Seas is a swinging pirate ship ride that swings you back and forth, taking you high in the air. Though this is a classic ride, the style is timeless. The weightlessness you feel as you swing back and forth is unlike anything else in the park and remains a great experience. Sometimes, simplicity is a good thing.

#11 – Roar

Max Height95 ft
Max Speed50.5 mph
Drop85 ft

Roar is one of the nine rollercoasters at Six Flags America and one of only two wooden rollercoasters in the park. Compared to The Wild One, Roar is the more intense ride. Even though there are no inversions on Roar, the bumpiness paired with the speed it reaches makes for a great experience, if not a little painful one. Roar is a “must ride” during your day at Six Flags America.

#12 – Firebird

Max Height100 ft
Drop90 ft
Max Speed55 mph
Ride Duration2:00

Firebird is a floorless steel rollercoaster at Six Flags America with a middle-of-the-road high speed at 55 mph, two inversions, and a decent-sized drop at 90 ft. Even though there are inversions, Firebird is not an intense ride. It’s smooth, not bumpy, or the fastest the park offers, making it an excellent ride for families. You won’t regret getting on this one.

#13 – Pirate’s Flight

Pirate’s Flight is a unique aerial ride that puts you on a flying pirate ship and swings you around in a wide circle. Like on a swing ride, the ships on Pirate’s Flight suspend from a spinning gondola by chains. The chains cause the ships to sometimes tilt while moving around. Surprisingly, Pirate’s Flight is worth getting on. Its higher speed and unique ride vehicles make it feel more exciting than a swing ride or aerial carousel.

#14 – Cyclone

Cyclone at Six Flags America is your standard scrambler-style spinning ride. Scrambler spinning rides are those where riders experience centrifugal force while spinning on two axes. In other words, while the ride spins you in one direction, you also move in another direction at the same time. The result is a very dizzying time for most riders. It’s one of the most popular spinning ride styles, similar to something you would see at a carnival. It’s a fun ride if you don’t usually get motion sickness, but you are better off skipping this one if you do.

#15 – Shipwreck Falls

Shipwreck Falls is a water ride at Six Flags America that is one of the shortest rides in the park and one of the most fun for both riders and spectators. Shipwreck Falls contains two elements before the ride ends, a lift hill and a single drop. 

The main appeal of Shipwreck Falls, and why more people watch this ride than any other in the park, is the massive wave each drop creates as each boat crashes into the catch pool. The wave created is big enough to drench all riders completely and cover the nearby bridge where spectators can watch each boat come down and get soaked by the wave. This ride is worth riding and watching!

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a themed area celebrating the famous Mardi Gras festival from New Orleans. Seven rides are located in Mardi Gras, including a tower drop and the oldest rollercoaster at Six Flags America.

#16 – The Wild One

Max Speed53 mph
Max Height98 ft
Drop88 ft

The Wild One is the oldest rollercoaster (and ride) in the park, made initially and beginning operation over 100 years ago. Originally, The Wild One operated at the now-closed Paragon Park in Massachusetts but came to Six Flags America in the 1980s. Even though it might be an antique, The Wild One remains a great ride for all ages.

The Wild One feels fast, is less bumpy than Roar, and features a decent-sized drop. It remains one of the best rides at Six Flags America and an even better experience in the back row.

#17 – Ragin’ Cajun

Max Speed29.1 mph
Max Height42.7 ft

Ragin’ Cajun at Six Flags America is a standard Crazy Mouse rollercoaster. On a Crazy Mouse-style ride, multiple levels of the track are separated by different elements and a slight drop. On Ragin’ Cajun, the first few levels have sharp turns, and then halfway through the ride, each car begins to spin as it continues through the elements quickly.

If you don’t like spinning rides, skip this one. But if spinning rides don’t bother you, Ragin’ Cajun is a good family ride, perfect for families with kids.

#18 – Zydeco Zinger

Zydeco Zinger is a magic carpet-type ride at Six Flags America that shouldn’t be confused with the magic carpet ride at Disney World. Unlike the aerial carousel at the Magic Kingdom, Zydeco Zinger is more of a grown-up Crazy Bus-type ride than anything else. On a Magic Carpet ride, you go up into the air and back down in either a forward or backward direction. It’s a fun family ride worth checking out if you have kids.

#19 – Big Easy Speedway (Additional Fee)

Big Easy Speedway is a go-kart race attraction that costs an additional fee to participate. If you enjoy go-kart races, you’ll like Big Easy Speedway because it is the same activity that you know and love without any surprises. 

It costs $10 to ride a single-passenger cart, $12 to ride a double cart for those with kids who are too small to drive by themselves, $20 to get an all-day pass, and $39.99 to get a go-kart season pass that works for return visits to Six Flags America. 

#20 – Voodoo Drop

Voodoo Drop is a standard tower drop ride at Six Flags America and one of the tallest ride in the park. With a height of 140 ft, you’ll slowly climb the tower until you reach the top (getting an excellent aerial view of the park while you’re there), then drop straight down to the ground. Voodoo Drop is a fun ride, especially if you aren’t afraid of heights.

#21 – French Quarter Fliers

French Quarter Fliers is an aerial spinning ride whose main feature is its faster-than-average speed (when compared to similar rides in the kiddie areas). If you ride this alone, French Quarter Fliers is not worth your time. However, if you have kids, this will be a fun ride for them.

#22 – Bourbon Street Fireball

Super Loops are popular at carnivals, and all feature the same design. Bourbon Street Fireball is a Super Loop ride at Six Flags America that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. The inverted loop is the only element of this ride and repeats multiple times.

The ride begins with the train going through the loop forward, but halfway through it, it begins looping backward rather than forward. Sometimes at the top of the inversion, when riders are directly upside-down, the train stops, causing a feeling of weightlessness. It’s a fun ride, but it may be a little scary for those not used to rollercoasters and those, not a fan of going upside-down.

Gotham City

Gotham City is a themed area in Six Flags America based on the infamous DC Comics City, home to Batman and his colorful cast of villains. In Six Flags America, Gotham City features rides themed after characters from all over DC, not just from the Batman comics. Gotham City has seven rides, including three rollercoasters, a spinning ride, a pendulum swing ride, and a giant tower swing.

#23 – The Joker’s Jinx

Max Speed60 mph
Max Height78 ft
Ride Duration0:56

The Joker’s Jinx at Six Flags America is a spaghetti bowl rollercoaster and one of the best rides in the park. What makes Joker’s Jinx fun is the initial launch that takes you from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds. The launch sets the tone for the rest of the ride, continuing to be fast-paced with four inversions, sharp turns, and many twists, all happening without any bumps. It’s a great experience and a “must-ride” attraction.

#24 – Superman Ride of Steel

Max Speed73 mph
Max Height 208 ft
Drop205 ft

Superman Ride of Steel is another “must-ride” attraction in the Gotham City area of Six Flags America. Superman Ride of Steel is the tallest rollercoaster in the park, standing at a massive 208 ft with the highest drop at 205 ft. The drop allows the train to reach a maximum speed of 73 mph, making it one of the fastest rides in Six Flags America.

Though the drop is thrilling, the ride is pretty tame afterward. There are no inversions, only two helixes; a downward and an upward one. Because of that, the ride is excellent for the more thrill-seeking families with kids.

#25 – Batwing

Max Speed50 mph
Max Height115 ft
Drop103 ft
Ride Duration2:02

Batwing is arguably the best ride at Six Flags America. Batwing is one of only two Flying Dutchman-style rollercoasters worldwide, making Batwing an absolute “must-ride” during your day at the park. On Batwing, you ride the coaster in a lying down position, which means you are literally on your back.

If that wasn’t enough, the ride has five inversions, each enhanced by the seat positioning. Some inversions flip the riders to face the ground, putting them in a flying position, while others flip them, so they are on their backs. The experience is unlike anything else in the park and worth your time trying. However, this ride may be too much for kids as it is the scariest rollercoaster at Six Flags America.

#26 – Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This at Six Flags America is a classic Starship 2000 (Gravitron) style spinning ride where riders spin so fast that they stick to the walls. Instead of remaining flat like on most Starship 2000 rides, Riddle Me This rises from the ground and tilts to create an even more fun experience.

If you like spinning rides, this is the ride for you. If you don’t like spinning rides, this ride is actually pretty good because it spins so fast you barely get disoriented. However, you may want to skip it if you get motion sickness.

#27 – Penguin’s Blizzard River

Penguin’s Blizzard River is a unique ride at Six Flags America because it looks like it would belong in Hurricane Harbor, the connected water park at Six Flags, rather than in the main area.

Blizzard River is a spinning rapids water ride with one big twisting slide. You sit in a large raft that can seat at least six passengers and go down the slide that leads to a large catch pool. While on the slide, you’ll be spinning quickly, fast enough to designate this as a spinning ride.

Once you reach the catch pool, the raft creates a splash that is big enough to wet some of the riders but less than on Shipwreck Falls or Renegade Rapids.

It’s a fun ride that is especially great on a hot day!

#28 – Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth is a tower swing ride and the tallest ride in the park, standing at 242 feet. On the ride, you’ll gradually rise to the top of the tower while you swing in a wide circle. You’ll get the best view of Six Flags America when you reach the top. Though you’re at significant heights, the ride is more relaxing than scary, but this isn’t the ride for you if you’re afraid of heights. Overall, this is a “must-ride” attraction at Six Flags America.

#29 – Harley Quinn Spinsanity

Harley Quinn Spinsanity is a pendulum swing ride at Six Flags America, also known as a Zamperla Giant Discovery. On this ride, you’ll swing back and forth while spinning. At the peak of the swing, the ride takes you 147 ft, reaching speeds of 68 mph before coming back down. When you reach the peak, you’ll feel as if you are upside-down, creating a feeling of weightlessness. Harley Quinn Spinsanity is a great ride for those with older kids and all adults.

Looney Tunes Movie Town

Looney Tunes Movie Town is one of two areas of Six Flags America made for kids. In Looney Tunes Movie Town, all the rides and attractions have a Looney Tunes theme. This area is perfect for families with toddlers and young kids.

#30 – Great Chase

Great Chase is a junior rollercoaster at Six Flags America. This rollercoaster is perfect for kids of all ages and toddlers who ride with their parents. The ride has a short track, low speed, no drops, and only a slight chain lift hill. After it goes through the course once, it goes through again before the ride ends. If you are a family with toddlers who have never been on a rollercoaster before, this is an excellent option for their first experience.

#31 – Elmer’s Around the World in 80 Seconds

Elmer’s Around the World in 80 Seconds is a flat carousel-style balloon flight ride made for kids. Kids sit in little hot air balloons on the ride and move around in a wide circle. Little kids enjoy this ride, so it’s worth allowing them to try it if they are interested.

#32 – Foghorn Leghorn’s Tinsel Town Train

Foghorn Leghorn’s Tinsel Town Train is a short kid’s mini train ride at Six Flags America. The main appeal to this ride is the ability to sit in the caboose or the covered cabin in the back of the train. The ride is very short but may be enjoyable for toddlers interested in trains.

#33 – Looney Tunes Prop Warehouse

Looney Tunes Prop Warehouse is an indoor playground for kids at Six Flags America. This playground has a jungle gym, foam ball shooters, a net climb tower, and, most importantly, benches for the adults to relax. The Looney Tunes Prop Warehouse is a great way to spend 20-30 minutes if you plan to spend your entire day at Looney Tunes Movie Town.

#34 – Pepe Le Pew’s Tea Party

Pepe Le Pew’s Tea Party is a slow spinning ride for kids. Occasionally the tea cups rise slightly off the ground as they move. There is a wheel inside the cups that kids can turn to spin the cups (which don’t spin that fast). Again, this is a ride your kids will love, especially those with siblings who can work together to spin the cups faster.

#35 – Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce

Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce is a kid’s bounce tower ride at Six Flags America. On the ride, kids climb up to the top of a small tower (20-30 ft) and bounce up and down until they reach the bottom again. It’s the perfect introduction to drop rides for toddlers and young kids.

#36 – Taz’s Film Works

Taz’s Film Works is a low-to-the-ground swing ride for kids. Unlike most swing rides like Flying Carousel or Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, Taz’s Film Works only lifts riders around 2 ft off the ground. It also swings much slower than the other two swing rides in the park. It makes sense considering only young kids and toddlers can ride Taz’s Film Works (the seats are way too small for anyone over 54″).

#37 – Yosemite Sam’s Hollywood Flight School

Yosemite Sam’s Flight School is an aerial carousel for kids at Six Flags America. Kids can control how high their plane flies on this ride by lifting up on a lever inside their rows. Yosemite Sam’s Flight School is a fun ride for kids of all ages.

Whistlestop Park

Formally known as Thomas Town, based on the popular kid’s show Thomas the Tank Engine, Whistlestop Park continues with the train motif throughout this themed area. You will find multiple kid’s rides and a full-sized train ride around Whistlestop Park.

#38 – Up, Up & Away

Up, Up & Away is Ferris Wheel ride at Six Flags America that is perfect for families. On Up, Up & Away, you sit in air balloons and rotate around in a clockwise motion while occasionally rising into the air and coming back down. It’s a relaxing and fun ride for families with their kids.

#39 – Happy Junction

Happy Junction at Six Flags America is an extremely slow kid’s train ride around a short track. This ride has no special features or theming, so it is entirely skippable unless your kid desperately wants to ride every mini-train in the park. Adults can fit on this ride as well. The best part about this ride is the chance to ride past the Whistlestop Train during your ride; however, the timing of that is entirely random.

#40 – Sky Jumper

Sky Jumper at Six Flags America is a bounce tower similar to Sylvester’s Pounce and Bounce, but taller and without theming. Sky Jumper is a ride for kids who want a more exciting version of Pounce and Bounce or feel like they are too old for Looney Tunes Movie Town. In other words, where Syvester’s Pounce and Bounce is perfect for toddlers, Sky Jumper is great for young kids.

#41 – Splash Zone

Splash Zone at Six Flags America is a splash pad with water spouts for kids to play around. Kids adore splash pads and love playing in the Splash Zone. The question is whether or not you want your child to get soaked because the wetness level is equivalent to jumping into a pool for them. If you are okay with a wet kid, this is an excellent alternative to water rides that they might need to be bigger to get on.

#42 – Whistlestop Bus Line

Whistlestop Bus Line is a kid’s crazy bus ride at Six Flags America. On the ride, you go up into the air and back down. It’s a classic ride that kids love, so you can’t go wrong getting on this ride. It’s also big enough for adults, so riding with your childing shouldn’t be an issue.

#43 – Whistlestop Park Playground

Whistlestop Park Playground is exactly what it sounds like, a playground in the Whistlestop Park area of Six Flags America. The outdoor playground has many slides of various heights, a jungle gym to explore, and rubber flooring.

Because the playground is strictly outdoors without shade and limited seating, this is not the best place to relax for adults. The only seating at the Whistlestop Park Playground is the low brick wall that lines the outer limits. So while you might not enjoy the playground, your kids will have a ton of fun playing and exploring it.

#44 – Whistlestop Train

Whistlestop Train is arguably the main attraction of Whistlestop Park. It’s a full-size train ride that takes riders on a relaxing and scenic ride around Whistlestop Park. You will pass all of the area’s main attractions before returning to the station.

#45 – Whistlestop Whirlybirds

Whistlestop Whirlybirds is a mini kid’s aerial carousel that simulates riding in a helicopter. On the ride, like on Yosemite Sam’s Flight School, kids can control how high their helicopter rises by lifting a lever in their copter. The helicopters on this ride rise only a few feet off the ground, making it a perfect ride for toddlers. Luckily, the helicopters are big enough for parents to ride simultaneously with their children.

Hurricane Harbor At Six Flags America

Six Flags America is known for its many rides and attractions, but that’s not all you can do at the park. Each ticket (during the Summer Season) includes admission into Hurrican Harbor, the connected water park. Hurricane Harbor has multiple large water slides, a lazy river, a kid’s water park area, and a large wave pool to enjoy. Spending time at Hurrican Harbor is another great way to spend the Summer day at Six Flags America.

With that, you now should have all the knowledge you need to get the most out of your day at Six Flags America.

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