What You Need To Know About Six Flags Great America Rides

Six Flags Great America - Superman Ride

Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, is one of Six Flags’ biggest theme parks in the United States. With 15 rollercoasters and 37 other attractions for a total of 52 rides, Six Flags Great America has the fourth most rollercoasters in a single park, tied with Cedar Point.

Six Flags Great America has 12 themed areas that make up the park, including three made for kids, two inspired by DC comics, and a Western-themed area inspired by the Southwest Territories.

This guide will outline everything you need to know about the Six Flags Great America rides, including average wait times, height requirements, thrill level, and whether the attractions will be okay for kids or those newer to rollercoasters to ride. The guide will also provide videos of each attraction to experience the rollercoaster or ride virtually.

For easy navigation of the guide, you can use the table below to go directly to the ride or location of your choosing. You can also use the arrow on the bottom right corner of the page to immediately return to the top.

Six Flags Great America Rides

Ride NameTypeThrill LevelLocationHeight RequirementsAverage Wait Time
Columbia CarouselCarouselLowCarousel PlazaN/A5-10 minutes
Maxx ForceRollercoasterHighCarousel Plaza48″20-30 minutes
Sky Trek TowerSky TowerLowCarousel PlazaN/A5-10 minutes
CondorAerial CarouselMidOrleans Place42″10-15 minutes
Rue Le DodgeBumper CarsLowOrleans Place42″10-15 minutes
Superman Ultimate FlightRollercoasterHighOrleans Place54″20-30 minutes
The Dark KnightRollercoasterMidOrleans Place42″10-15 minutes
Big Easy BalloonsAerial CarouselLowMardi GrasN/A 5-10 minutes
Mardi Gras HangoverEndless LoopHighMardi Gras48″10-15 minutes
Roaring RapidsWaterLowMari Gras36″20-30 minutes
Aquaman SplashdownWaterMidDC UniverseN/A20-30 minutes
Batman the RideRollercoasterHighDC Universe54″20-30 minutes
DC Super-Villains SwingSwingLowDC Universe48″5-10 minutes
The Flash Vertical VelocityRollercoasterHighDC Universe54″ min, 80″ max20-30 minutes
The Joker Free-Fly CoasterRollercoasterHighDC Universe48″20-30 minutes
Little DipperJunior CoasterLowYukon Territory36″5-10 minutes
Logger’s RunWaterLowYukon TerritoryN/A15-20 minutes
Winner’s Circle Go-Karts (Additional Fee)Go-KartsLowYukon Territory42″, 58″ to Drive10-20 minutes
Crazy BusMagic BusLowCamp CartoonN/A5-10 minutes
Sprocket RocketsJunior CoasterLowCamp Cartoon36″5-10 minutes
Yahoo RiverWaterLowCamp CartoonN/A, 54″ Max5-10 minutes
Justice League Battle for MetropolisDark Arcade LowMetropolis Plaza42″15-20 minutes
American EagleRollercoasterHighCounty Fair48″20-30 minutes
Buccaneer BattleBoat RideLowCounty Fair36″10-15 minutes
Dare Devil Dive (Additional Fee)Sky Dive SimulationHighCounty Fair42″N/A
DemonRollercoasterHighCounty Fair42″20-30 minutes
Fiddler’s FlingSpinningMidCounty Fair36″10-15 minutes
GoliathRollercoasterHighCounty Fair48″20-30 minutes
Great America Scenic RailwayTrainLowCounty FairN/A15 minutes
RevolutionPendulum SwingHighCounty Fair54″, 76″ max20-30 minutes
X-FlightRollercoasterHighCounty Fair54″, 78″ max20-30 minutes
BouncerKid DropLowKidzopolisN/A5-10 minutes
Krazy KarsConvoyLowKidzopolisN/A5-10 minutes
Krazy KupsTea Cup SpinningLowKidzopolisN/A5-10 minutes
Pirate’s PlayshipPlaygroundLowKidzopolisN/A5-10 minutes
Splish Splash ZoneSplash PadLowKidzopolisN/A5-10 minutes
Up, Up & AwayAerial CarouselLowKidzopolisN/A5-10 minutes
ZoomJetsAerial CarouselLowKidzopolisN/A5-10 minutes
Great America Scenic RailwayTrainLowHometown SquareN/A15 minutes
Hometown Fun MachineSpinningMidHometown Square36″5-10 minutes
The LobsterSpinningHighHometown Square36″5-10 minutes
Triple PlaySpinningMidHometown Square36″10-15 minutes
WhizzerRollercoasterMidHometown Square36″15-20 minutes
Lady BugsLady Bug RideLowHometown ParkN/A0-5 minutes
Red BaronAerial CarouselLowHometown ParkN/A0-5 minutes
Tot’s LiveryCarriage RideLowHometown ParkN/A0-5 minutes
ChubascoTeacup RideLowSouthwest TerritoryN/A5-10 minutes
Giant DropTower DropHighSouthwest Territory48″15-20 minutes
Raging BullRollercoasterHighSouthwest Territory54″20-30 minutes
RicochetSwingMidSouthwest Territory42″5-10 minutes
River RockerPirate ShipMidSouthwest Territory36″10-15 minutes
ViperRollercoasterHighSouthwest Territory48″20-30 minutes

Carousel Plaza is the entrance to Six Flags Great America. At Carousel Plaza, you’ll find three rides; Maxx Force, Sky Trek Tower, and the Columbia Carousel.

Columbia Carousel is one of the two tallest traditional carousels in the world, standing at 100 ft tall. It’s one of the most beautifully designed carousels in the world, with equally as intricate designed animals to ride. Columbia Carousel is a double-decker carousel, meaning there are two stories. Because of its unique two-story design, the Columbia Carousel is Six Flags Great America’s most recognizable attraction.

There are 88 horses on the Columbia Carousel and three chariots (benches). Various other animals are on the ride, including a camel, giraffe, lion, tiger, dragon, deer, seahorse, two ostriches, two pigs, two cats, and two rabbits.

Besides the two-story design of the Columbia Carousel, this ride is a classic carousel attraction that you should be familiar with if you have ever been to an amusement park.

#2 – Maxx Force

Max Speed78 mph
Max Height175 ft
Max Drop172 ft
Launch Speed0-78 mph in 1.8 seconds
Ride Duration0:23

Maxx Force is a record-breaking rollercoaster at Six Flags Great America that features the fastest launch in North America, taking you from 0-78 mph in 1.8 seconds. It has the tallest double inversion in the world at 175 ft. It also has the world’s fastest inversion happening at 60 mph. With five total inversions during the ride and a staggeringly short runtime of only 23 seconds, Maxx Force is one of the most intense ride experiences at Six Flags Great America.

#3 – Sky Trek Tower

Sky Trek Tower is the tallest ride at Six Flags Great America and the tallest structure in Lake County, Illinois standing at 330 ft. The Sky Trek Tower is an observational tower that takes riders 285 ft in the air and gives an incredible overhead view of the park, views of Lake Michigan, and the Chicago skyline.

The total ride duration for the Sky Trek Tower is approximately 5 minutes from lift-off to coming back down to the bottom.

If you want a relaxing experience and an excellent opportunity for pictures, you don’t want to miss this attraction.

Orleans Place

Orleans Place is a themed area in Six Flags Great America based on the Frech Quarters in New Orleans, Louisiana. At Orleans Place, you’ll find a variety of rides, including two DC-themed rollercoasters, Superman Ultimate Flight and The Dark Knight, an aerial spinning ride called the Condor, and the largest bumper car arena in the world, Rue Le Dodge.

#4 – Condor

Condor is an aerial spinning ride at Six Flags Great America. Condor takes riders 112 ft into the air and spins them at varying speeds, alternating between fast and slow rotations. While on Condor, riders sit in single-passenger ride vehicles. The ride vehicles also tilt as they spin, which adds to the feeling of flying on a bird. Condor is a great family ride that remains a fan favorite of the park from its opening day in 1991 to today.

#5 – Rue Le Dodge

Rue Le Dodge at Six Flags Great America is the world’s largest bumper car arena and one of the oldest rides in the park, originally opening in 1976. Besides the larger area size that allows greater moveability, Rue Le Dodge is a standard bumper car ride.

If you are familiar with this type of ride, you should know what the ride experience is like on Rue Le Dodge. If not, the basic premise of a bumper car ride is you get in small cars and try to bump into as many other cars as possible. Though it may not sound like a fun time, it is. Rue Le Dodge is no different. Rue Le Dodge is a great family ride that is fun for all ages.

#6 – Superman Ultimate Flight

Max Speed51 mph
Max Height106 ft
Max Drop100 ft
Ride Duration2:30

Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America is a unique rollercoaster because it is the only “flying coaster” in the park. On a flying coaster, riders enter into a flying position that puts them on their stomachs to mimic flying like Superman.

Because of the positioning of the riders, the ride feels like a completely different experience than a standard rollercoaster. However, this will be a scarier first-time experience for newer riders than a traditional rollercoaster like X-Flight, Whizzer, or Viper. Otherwise, this is one of the most fun experiences in the park.

Superman Ultimate Flight features a maximum speed of 51 mph, a max height of 106 ft, and a 100 ft drop. The ride has two inversions, including the signature 78 ft pretzel roll. The ride duration is approximately 2:30 from the departure from the launch station to the return.

#7 – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight at Six Flags Great America is an interesting take on the classic “Wild Mouse” rollercoaster. If you are not familiar with that style of ride, a wild mouse rollercoaster consists of different sections consisting of sharp turns separated by sudden drops. Unlike most Wild Mouse rides, The Dark Knight is an indoor dark ride wild mouse rollercoaster with theming, another feature that traditional wild mouse rides typically do not have.

On The Dark Knight attraction, riders go through Gotham City under attack by the Joker, based on Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” film. Each section of the ride represents a different area of Gotham, with buildings lining the track. Like on traditional wild mouse rides, each section ends with a sudden drop that takes riders deeper into the city.

Because the ride takes place entirely in the dark, this attraction is more intense than most variations of this type of ride. It’s hard to tell when a turn is coming up or if a drop is about to happen. The sharp turns and random drops can be jarring for some riders and, at times, even painful if they aren’t prepared.

Even with that said, The Dark Knight is one of the best rides at Six Flags Great America for its theming alone, making it one you don’t want to miss.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras continues the French Quarter theming of the Orleans Place area in Six Flags Great America. However, this area focuses on the Mardi Gras holiday in New Orleans. In Mardi Gras, you can find three rides:

  • A classic Zamperla Balloon ride
  • An infinite loop coaster
  • A rapid river water ride 

#8 – Big Easy Balloons

Big Easy Balloons is a classic Zamperla Balloon Race ride. If you have never heard of a Zamperla Balloon Race ride, the most similar style attraction to Big Easy Balloons is a swing ride.

The difference between Big Easy Balloons and a swing ride is that on Big Easy Balloons, you sit in a four-passenger hot air balloon basket rather than a chair. Other than that, the style is identical to a swing ride, like DC Super-Villain Swing.

On Big Easy Balloons, the gondola takes riders up into the air, rotates them around, and tilts to the side so that riders go higher during the back end of the rotation.

If you want a relaxing experience, Big Easy Balloons is an excellent option without a long wait time.

#9 – Mardi Gras Hangover

Mardi Gras Hangover at Six Flags Great America is the world’s tallest Super Loop attraction, reaching heights of 100 ft and a top speed of 30 mph. The main function of a Super Loop, or Fireball, attraction is the repeating vertical loop element.

On Mardi Gras Hangover, riders continually go through the vertical loop, then briefly stop at the peak, creating a weightless feeling for the rider. Midway through the ride, the train switches directions and goes through the vertical loop backward.

Mardi Gras Hangover is a fun attraction but may be scary for new rollercoaster riders.

#10 – Roaring Rapids

Roaring Rapids at Six Flags Great America is a water ride that puts riders on a spinning raft and takes them through a fast-moving river with waterfalls, sudden drops, and rapids.

Each water element drenches the rider so that by the time they get off Roaring Rapids, they’re soaking wet from head to toe. Roaring Rapids is the perfect experience for families of all ages, guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Because Roaring Rapids is a water ride, this attraction is only open during the Summer Seasons (March-October 31st) at Six Flag Great America.

DC Universe

DC Universe is a themed area at Six Flags Great America based on the popular characters and locations from DC Comics. Here, you will find rides themed after characters such as Batman, Aquaman, and the Flash. At DC Universe, there are two rollercoasters, a swing ride, and a classic water ride.

#11 – Aquaman Splashdown (Formerly Yankee Clipper)

Aquaman Splashdown (formally Yankee Clipper) at Six Flags Great America is a classic flume boat water ride that takes you on a scenic boat ride with twists and turns, leading to a massive 60 ft plunge. The drop creates a wave that gets all riders wet but not soaked like on Roaring Rapids. Like Roaring Rapids, as a water ride, Aquaman Splashdown is only operational during the Summer Seasons of the park (March-October 31st).

#12 – Batman the Ride

Max Speed50 mph
Max Height100 ft
Max Drop109 ft

Batman at Six Flags Great America is one of seven identical rollercoasters at various Six Flags theme parks, themed after the DC comic book character Batman. The characteristics of Batman remain the same for each iteration, save for some very minor differences.

The Six Flags Great America version of Batman the Ride is the first of its kind, launching in 1992. It is the first inverted rollercoaster in the world, marked as an Ace Landmark rollercoaster.

The ride reaches a max speed of 50 mph, has five inversions, creates 4 Gs of force, and is a steel-inverted coaster. Unlike the other versions, Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great America reaches a maximum height of 100 ft rather than 105 ft. Other than that, each is identical.

In terms of the ride experience, Batman the Ride is a smooth experience, perfect for casual rollercoaster riders. It may be a little too intense or scary for beginners, but for those that have ridden any ride with inversions, it’s a great attraction that lives up to its popularity.

#13 – DC Super-Villains Swing

DC Super-Villains Swing at Six Flags Great America is a classic swing ride themed around the iconic DC Super-Villains like The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Lex Luthor. On the ride, you sit in single-passenger chairs held up with chains connected to the large gondola. As the ride progresses, riders increase in speed, tilt to the side, and rise higher and higher. DC Super-Villains Swing is a great family for all ages.

#14 – The Flash Vertical Velocity

Max Speed70 mph
Max Height186 ft
Launch Speed0-70 in 3.5 seconds

The Flash Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Great America is a launching steel rollercoaster. The Flash Vertical Velocity features a 0-70 mph launch in less than four seconds out of the station into an immediate vertical ascent taking riders 186 ft into the air before dropping backward at high speeds and repeating. This ride is nearly identical to The Flash Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California.

Because of the launch and height, this ride may be scary for new riders. Consider sitting in the back or middle rows for a less intense experience. Likewise, sit in the front for the most thrilling ride experience.

#15 – The Joker Free-Fly Coaster

Max Speed38 mph
Max Height120 ft
Max Drop54 ft

The Joker Free Fly Coaster at Six Flags Great America is a 4D free spin experience that uses gravity to flip the riders as they move through the course. This rollercoaster is three stories tall and separates each section with a drop.

The rider’s size and weight determine the flip intensity on the ride as well. The more the riders weigh, the harder they flip, whereas if the riders are light (like kids), the flips will be less intense. On average, riders do a front flip six times throughout the ride.

Though this ride is an intense experience, in terms of speed, it is one of the slowest in the park. The Joker Free Fly Coaster reaches a maximum speed of only 38 mph and only has a maximum drop of 54 ft.

With that said, The Joker Free Fly Coaster is still one of the park’s most disorienting ride experiences, but that may be a reason to give it a try.

Yukon Territory

Yukon Territory is a themed area at Six Flags Great America based on the Canadian Northwest, specifically the forests, mountains, and logging industry. You’ll find three rides in Yukon Territory: Little Dipper, Logger’s Run, and Winner’s Circle Go-Karts.

#16 – Little Dipper

Max Speed25 mph
Max Height28 ft
Max Drop24 ft
Ride Duration0:50

Little Dipper at Six Flags Great America is a classic junior wooden rollercoaster perfect for young kids who want to take the next step from kid’s rides to rollercoasters without getting on the big ones.

Little Dipper was initially built in 1950 for the Kiddieland Amusement Park in Illinois, but Six Flags Great America purchased the ride in 2009 and brought it to the park to launch in 2010 as the 14th rollercoaster.

At Six Flags Great America, Little Dipper remains a kid’s favorite for its simple design, little drops, and slow movement while still being more exciting than the kiddie rides.

#17 – Logger’s Run

Logger’s Run at Six Flags Great America is a classic flume boat water ride similar to Aquaman Splashdown in the DC Universe section of the park. Like Aquaman Splashdown, Logger’s Run takes you on a winding log ride through a twisty watercourse that leads to a large drop at the end. At the end of the drop, you crash into a flowing water stopper that drenches everyone in the log. Logger’s Run is a great Summer water ride perfect for anyone who wants to cool off from the sun!

#18 – Winner’s Circle Go-Karts

Winner’s Circle Go-Kart at Six Flags Great America is a classic go-kart ride where you can race against your friends, family, and others who are participating. There aren’t any special features to the track; it’s as basic as can be.

To drive a go-kart solo, you must be at least 58″. Otherwise, those at least 42″ can ride with a bigger partner.

Six Flags Go-Karts Additional Fee

It costs $20 per person for an all-day pass or $30 for a season pass.

Camp Cartoon

Camp Cartoon (formally Camp Cartoon Network) is a kid’s area with rides that are (formally) themed to the Hanna-Barbera characters like Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, and Spacely. Though the rides remain the same, the theming has changed to generic names (though nothing else, even the designs, has changed). In Camp Cartoon, there are three kid’s rides: Crazy Bus, Sprocket Rockets, and Yahoo River.

#19 – Crazy Bus

Crazy Bus is a kid’s lift ride that takes riders into the air and brings them back down in a flat, circular motion. This ride used to be called Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, which would explain the color scheme and iconic flower design.

#20 – Sprocket Rockets

Sprocket Rockets at Six Flags Great America is a junior steel rollercoaster perfect for first-time rollercoaster riders. The ride has a max height of 27 ft and a max speed of approximately 30 mph. There are no inversions or drops, making the ride a great introduction to steel coasters for young kids.

#21 – Yahoo River

Yahoo River at Six Flags Great America is a junior water ride only accessible for those 54″ and under. The ride is extremely basic. You sit in a boat and go around in a circle a few times. Kids do not get wet on this ride.

Metropolis Plaza

Metropolis Plaza is the second DC Comics-themed area at Six Flags Great America, but also the smallest in the park. In Metropolis Plaza, you will find Justice League Battle For Metropolis, a family arcade dark ride where you team up with the Justice League to save Metropolis from the Joker and Lex Luthor.

#22 – Justice League Battle for Metropolis

Justice League Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags Great America is an indoor 3-D family arcade dark ride where you team up with the Justice League and fight to save Metropolis from the Joker and Lex Luthor. On the ride, you earn points by shooting at the supervillains or their minions. You can compete with your family to get the highest score, shown at the end of the ride. The more accurate you are, the higher your score. It’s an excellent ride for all ages and the only one of its kind at Six Flags.

County Fair

County Fair is the largest area at Six Flags Great America, themed after a midwestern county fair. Here you will find many rides and a gallery of carnival games (that cost an additional fee to play). County Fair is also home to one of the two stations for the Six Flags Great America Railway.

#23 – American Eagle

Max Speed66 mph
Max Height147 ft
Drop147 ft
Ride Duration2:23

The American Eagle is a classic wooden rollercoaster that has been a local favorite since 1981. Today, The American Eagle remains one of the most popular rides in the park for its fun yet not too intense experience. In terms of intensity, you can view The American Eagle as the next step after Little Dipper. One thing to note about The American Eagle is how bumpy it can get, especially during the mid-course helix. If you want the best experience for this ride, try sitting at the back. Doing so takes the ride to the next level.

#24 – Buccaneer Battle

Buccaneer Battle is an interactive water ride that may be the most fun in the park. On Buccaneer Battle, two pirate ships simultaneously move around a small lagoon. Each pirate ship has multiple water cannons on each side of the boat that riders can use to shoot water jets. One side faces the opposing pirate ship while the other faces the queue, who also have their own water cannons.

Buccaneer Battle becomes a three-way water fight between the pirate ships and the people in line. Trying to dodge water blasts from the opposing sides while also trying to spray everyone else makes the ride a lot of fun, especially on a hot summer day.

#25 – Dare Devil Dive

Dare Devil Dive is a sky-diving simulation/bungee jumping experience that puts you in control of your drop. While strapped into a harness on the ride, you lift 125 ft into the air on your stomach and must pull a cable to swing forward back towards the ground.

Dare Devil Dive Additional Fee

An additional fee of $44 if you ride with a partner or $15 for a solo ride. If you are a season pass holder, it is $8 for a single ride or $22 for riding with a partner.

#26 – Demon

Max Speed50 mph
Max Height102 ft
Max Drop90 ft

Demon is one of the oldest looping coasters at Six Flags Great America, considering it first began operating in 1976. Demon has the most theming out of any rollercoaster in the park if you disregard the DC-Comics-themed rides, consisting of a tunnel with a bunch of eyes, a jump scare tunnel that lights up as the train goes into it, and a rock that is supposed to look like the demon’s face that you go through after a drop.

For an old coaster, Demon is pretty intense. There are two back-to-back vertical loops and two counter-clockwise corkscrews, which is not something you typically see on older rides. Plus, at 50 mph top speed, it holds up with other similar but newer rides in the park. Overall, it’s another great experience for rollercoaster lovers.

#27 – Fiddler’s Fling

Fiddler’s Fling is an original spinning ride at Six Flags Great America, first beginning operation in 1976. The ride is a standard scrambler-type spinning ride that spins you in one direction while the platform spins in another.

#28 – Goliath

Max Speed72 mph
Max Height165 ft
Max Drop180 ft
Max Vertical Angle85 degrees

Goliath at Six Flags Great America is the next upgrade to the wooden rollercoasters in the park. If you go from Little Dipper to The American Eagle, Goliath would be next in line and the benchmark for wooden rollercoaster intensity. The same could be said if you compared Goliath to all the other wooden rollercoasters in the world.

Goliath is the current tallest wooden rollercoaster in the world with the steepest drop. It also holds the title of the world’s fastest looping wooden rollercoaster and the first one to feature a Zero-G stall. In other words, you’re not going to find a more intense wooden rollercoaster in the world.

#29 – Great America Scenic Railway

The Great America Scenic Railway is a former steam train (now electric) that takes riders around a scenic trip through Six Flags Great America. On this ride, the train takes you from County Fair to Hometown Square, on the other side of the park. Typically, it takes 15 minutes to get to the other station, so the railway is a great way to relax for a bit.

#30 – Revolution

Revolution is a pendulum swing ride, also known as a frisbee ride, that swings back and forth while spinning riders as it reaches its peak height of 65 ft. Compared to the pendulum rides at other Six Flags parks, Revolution is tame. It doesn’t swing or spin that fast, compared to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth at Six Flags Great Adventure or Discovery Kingdom. In that way, it may be less scary for some smaller riders. Interestingly, Revolution is one of the few park rides with a maximum height. Only those between 54″ and 76″ may ride Revolution.

#31 – X-Flight

Max Speed55 mph
Max Height120 ft
Max Drop115 ft
Ride Duration1:15

X-Flight is a unique ride at Six Flags Great America because it’s one of only two “Wing Coasters” in the United States and one of only four built worldwide. X-Flight utilizes its ride structure to the fullest extent, making it feel like you are on a plane’s wings.

A wing coaster, unlike traditional rollercoasters, has riders sitting on the sides of the track rather than over or under. On X-Flight, there are five inversions, including two zero-g rolls, an inline twist, and an Immelmann loop.

X-Flight is one of the most interesting ride experiences in the park that’s worth getting on if you get a chance. Like Revolution, there is a height maximum for X-Flight. Riders must be at least 54″ and a maximum of 78″ to ride.


Kidzopolis is a sub-section of the County Fair dedicated to kid’s rides and attractions. Here you will find a ton of kid’s rides with virtually no wait times.

#32 – Bouncer

Bouncer is a kid’s tower drop ride that takes riders up to the top of the tower and bounces them slowly until they reach the bottom. The structure isn’t that tall, maybe around 30 ft max, so most kids should be fine, even if they might be afraid of heights.

#33 – Krazy Kars

Krazy Kars is a short convoy car ride that takes riders around a small course, making slight turns until they return to the start. It’s a slow ride without any interesting theming, but little kids might like it because it will make them feel like they are driving a miniature car.

#34 – Krazy Kups

Krazy Kups is a kid’s teacup spinning ride where riders can control how fast they spin. Though it is a kid’s ride, two adults can fit in the cup and achieve a high speed if they work together, to the point where the cup may feel like it lifts off the platform. Many adults like this ride, so if you are planning to take your kid on it, don’t be surprised to see a bunch of grown people riding at the same time as you!

#35 – Pirate’s Playship

Pirate’s Playship is a kid’s playground with multiple slides, nets, and other fun activities. The Pirate’s Playship is a great area to take your kid to if you would like a sitting break while they play around.

#36 – Splish Splash Zone

Splish Splash Zone is a kid’s water pad where water spurts shoot from the ground. Kids can run around this area and get soaked from head to toe. Usually, this area is only operational during the Summer season.

#37 – Up, Up & Away

Up, Up and Away is a Zamperla Samba Tower ride where riders get into fruit-shaped gondolas that go up in the air, then come back down. It is a simple ride that gives a decent aerial view of Kidzopolis.

#38 – ZoomJets

ZoomJets is an aerial carousel ride that allows riders to control how high or low their plane flies. Each plane has two rows so that adults can ride at the same time as their kids.

Hometown Square

Hometown Square at Six Flags Great America is a themed area based on a midwestern town. In Hometown Square, you will find various carnival-style spinning rides and the last of its kind, the “Speedracer” style rollercoaster, the Whizzer. Hometown Square also contains the second depot for the Six Flags Great America Scenic Railway. Hometown Square is also one of the original areas of the park, still with the same classic rides from 1976.

#39 – Hometown Square Depot – Great America Scenic Railway

The Hometown Square Depot is the second (or first) stop of the Great America Scenic Railway. From the Hometown Square Depot, riders travel across the park to County Fair on a relaxing 15-minute train ride. Taking the railway is a great way to relax or get around the park on a more scenic route than just walking.

#40 – Hometown Fun Machine

Hometown Fun Machine at Six Flags Great America is one of the park’s original rides, opening in 1976. Hometown Fun Machine is a classic scrambler spinning ride that spins riders in one direction while the ride spins in another. On Hometown Fun Machine, riders follow the path of a five-pointed star.

#41 – The Lobster

The Lobster at Six Flags Great America is a tilting, aerial, high-speed spinning ride, and one of the park’s original attractions, first beginning operation in 1976. The Lobster starts as a standard scrambler ride, like Hometown Fun Machine, then gradually increases in speed and lifts riders into the air. Then The Lobster tilts, causing the riders to spin on an angle. It’s a great experience for riders who want to try a more extreme spinning ride.

#42 – Triple Play

Triple Play at Six Flags Great America is an aerial spinning ride that moves riders in various positions as they spin in different directions. On Triple Play, the arms of the attraction pull riders inward and outward, tilt them forward and back, and rise and fall, all while they spin. It’s a disorienting, but fun, attraction that requires a strong stomach.

#43 – Whizzer

Max Speed42 mph
Max Height70 ft
Drop64 ft

The Whizzer at Six Flags Great America is the last of its kind. This rollercoaster has a “Speedracer” design that begins with its unique, twisting, circular lift hill.

Only the Broca, a rollercoaster in Montegeniro, Colombia, has a similar model, making the Whizzer the only coaster in the United States with a “Speedracer” style. Because of that, the Whizzer is an ACE Coaster Landmark ride, receiving the award in 2012.

As far as the ride experience goes, the ride is a standard coaster experience after the unique lift hill. There are no inversions, the top speed is 42 mph, and the maximum drop is 64 ft. In other words, it’s a great classic feeling rollercoaster, perfect for all ages.

Hometown Park

Hometown Park at Six Flags Great America is a subsection of Hometown Square focused on kid’s rides. This section has only three attractions: Lady Bugs, Red Baron, and Tot’s Livery.

#44 – Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs at Six Flags Great America is a circular car ride where the cars are designed like ladybugs. The ride is as basic as they come. The ladybug cars go around in a circle with bumps multiple times at a slow speed. It is strictly a kid’s attraction made for those who have never been on a ride before.

#45 – Red Baron

Red Baron at Six Flags Great America is an aerial carousel with planes nearly identical to ZoomJets in Kidzopolis. Like ZoomJets, on Red Baron, riders can control the height of their plane by using a lever to raise or lower it.

#46 – Tot’s Livery

Tot’s Livery is a simulation horse-drawn carriage kids ride. On the ride, kids sit in carriages, pulled by fake horses moving around in a small circle. The kids can hold onto reigns connected to the horse to act as if they are controlling it while it moves.

Southwest Territory

Southwest Territory is a themed area at Six Flags Great America based on an old-timey Western Boomtown. Here you will find a wide variety of rides, including the park’s tallest rollercoaster and tower drop.

#47 – Chubasco

Chubasco at Six Flags Great America is an adult teacup spinning ride. Unlike Krazy Kups in Kidzopolis, Chubasco was designed for kids and adults, meaning multiple adults can comfortably sit in each teacup. Like Krazy Kups, on Chubasco, riders can spin a turntable in the center of the cup to determine the spin speed of their teacup.

While the teacup spins, the floor also rotates in a wide circle in addition to a small round section under each teacup, which creates a three-way spin. If you want to get dizzy, Chubasco is the ride to try.

#48 – Giant Drop

Giant Drop at Six Flags Great America is the tallest tower drop ride in the park, taking riders 277 ft into the air and dropping them back down to the bottom. While descending, riders reach a max freefall speed of 62 mph before automatic brakes kick in and softly lower them down before reaching the ground.

#49 – Raging Bull

Max Speed73 mph
Max Height202 ft
Max Drop208 ft
Ride Duration2:30

Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America is a steel hypercoaster developed by Bollinger & Mabillard that is the tallest rollercoaster in the park. It is one of the fastest coasters in the Six Flags Great America, reaching a max speed of 73 mph and containing the largest drop at 208 ft. Although there are no inversions on the ride, it is still one of the most intense in the park, only comparable to Goliath.

If you are a fan of rollercoasters, Raging Bull should be a priority on your list to try on your visit to Six Flags Great America. It is regarded as one of the best rollercoasters in the world, ranking in the top 50 worldwide according to the Golden Ticket Awards since its initial launch in 1999. It is by far one of the most popular attractions at Six Flags Great America and is the park’s signature attraction.

#50 – Ricochet

Ricochet at Six Flags Great America is a tilting, swinging, spin ride. The ride moves surprisingly quickly, swinging riders to the left high into the air and then swinging them back down, all while they rotate in a wide circle. It’s an entertaining ride, unlike anything else in the park.

#51 – River Rocker

River Rocker at Six Flags Great America is a classic pirate ship swing ride where riders swing up and down, reaching a 180-degree arc at full swing. On the ride, you will feel a free-falling sensation as you swing down at full speed.

#52 – Viper

Max Speed50 mph
Max Height100 ft
Max Drop80 ft
Ride Duration1:45

Viper at Six Flags Great America is a classic wooden rollercoaster that is somewhere between The American Eagle and Goliath in terms of intensity. Viper has a max speed of 50 mph, a max height of 100 ft, and a max drop of 80 ft. There are no inversions on the ride like on Goliath, but with 3.6 g’s experienced, it will still feel moderately intense. Overall, Viper is one of the best wooden rollercoasters at the park.

What else is at Six Flags Great America?

The rides aren’t the only activities available at Six Flags Great America. Every ticket purchase includes entry into Six Flags water park Hurricane Harbor. At Hurricane Harbor, you’ll find a huge selection of water rides and slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. Going to Hurricane Harbor is a great way to spend a hot summer day!

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