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Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom! The Complete Guide to Super Nintendo World Hollywood is Here!

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World Hollywood

The newest addition to Universal Studios Hollywood is finally here! Super Nintendo World is a new section in the park currently themed after the world-famous video game franchise Super Mario. In Super Nintendo World, guests travel through a warp pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they will discover a vibrant and highly interactive area filled with moving coins, Piranha Plants, Thwomps, and more. Though the section is relatively small for now, there is a lot to experience at Super Nintendo World, and this guide will help you along the way!

With this guide, you will learn about everything you can do at Super Nintendo World, including the new Augmented Reality dark ride Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, the interactive games to play with your Power-Up Bands, what you can eat at the Toadstool Cafe, where you can buy Mario themed merchandise, and how you can meet your favorite characters from the franchise.

There’s a lot to cover, so in the words of Mario, “Let’s-a Go!”

Super Nintendo World Map

Key Locations:

  1. Princess Peach’s Castle
  2. Princess Peach Meet & Greet
  3. 1-UP Factory
  4. Toadstool Cafe
  5. Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge
  6. Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown
  7. Mario & Luigi Meet & Greet

What Are Power-Up Bands Used For in Super Nintendo World and What Can You Do With Them?

Power-Up Bands

Power-Up Bands at Super Nintendo World are a necessary accessory to purchase to experience most of what Super Nintendo World has to offer. After buying the Power-Up Band from the 1-Up Factory near the entrance of Super Nintendo World, you’ll have access to all of the interactive games available throughout the land.

With the Power-Up Band, you can collect coins by punching golden blocks, collect stamps by finding hidden Mario symbols, collect keys to battle Bowser Jr, and rank up to compete with other guests.

How Much Do the Power-Up Band Cost at Super Nintendo World Hollywood?

The Power-Up Band is not cheap. Each Power-Up Band costs $40, so if you are a family of four, expect to pay $160 for the entire family to participate in the games. 

How to Set Up Your Power-Up Band

To set up your Power-Up Band, open the Universal Studios Hollywood App and click “Super Nintendo World.” The app will ask you to scan the QR Code on your Power-Up Band to start the games.

Once you scan, the app will assign you to the team that matches your Power-Up Band (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, Yoshi). From there, you can customize your profile with an avatar and color. Then, you are ready to begin!

Where Can You Buy Power-Up Bands And Other Mario Merchandise?

1-UP Factory
Picture from WDW News Today

You can buy Power-Up Bands at the 1-Up Factory near Super Nintendo World’s entrance. At the 1-Up Factory, you will find an assortment of Mario merchandise and souvenirs like t-shirts, costumes, stuffed toys, backpacks, and so much more. Like the Power-Up Bands, you can expect to pay Amusement Park prices for all the Mario Gear at the 1-Up Factory. Expect to pay at least $100 if you want a couple of t-shirts for the family.

What You Can Eat At Toadstool Cafe in Super Nintendo World Hollywood

Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe Entrance

If you’re looking to grab something to eat while exploring Super Nintendo World, look no further than the Toadstool Cafe! At the Toadstool Cafe, you’ll enter Toad’s Mushroom House (from the games), where Toad is the head chef. While you wait to order your food, you can meet Toad and watch him cook your meals in his kitchen!

Like the rest of Super Nintendo World, all the items on the menu are Mario themed, which makes the eating experience extra fun!

Toadstool Cafe Menu
Photo from Orlando Informer

The menu at Toadstool Cafe is small for now, only offering a few items. For starters, you can choose from various salads, garlic knots, or Caprese. The starters range in price from $5.99 to $14.99.

The main menu has only three items: a Mario Burger (mushroom bacon cheeseburger), a Luigi Burger (pesto chicken burger), or Fire Flower Spaghetti & Meatballs for $16.99 each.

Toadstool Cafe Dessert and Kids Menu
Photo from Orlando Informer

For dessert, you can get a tiramisu, a multi-layered cookie cake, or a cupcake for $9.99 each.

Besides the standard soft drinks or juice options, Toadstool Cafe offers two specialty drinks. The first is Super Star Lemon Squash (honey lemon soda with mango stars and tropical boba balls), which costs $8.00. The second is getting your drink in a souvenir mushroom cup, which costs $20.

The Kid’s menu offers two items, a Mario Mini Burger Adventure Set with a Mario figurine and a mini flag or a Power-Up Spaghetti meal with marinara sauce. The Burger Set costs $14.99, while the Spaghetti meal costs $12.99. These meals are only available for kids ages Nine and under.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

click here to go directly to the start of the ride

Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge at Super Nintendo World Hollywood is currently the only ride in the new land, and arguably one of the best at Universal Studios Hollywood, on par with Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge is an augmented-reality dark ride, a groundbreaking experience, and an innovative change for this type of ride.

Augmented reality aims to bring the virtual world into the real world. This is achieved with augmented reality glasses. Through the glasses, users can experience reality in a new way by connecting the virtual world with their own. Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge utilizes augmented reality by bringing the virtual Mario Kart racers and power-ups from the games into the ride experience. It changes what would be a relatively tame dark ride without augmented reality into a chaotic and fantastic experience, just like the games!

Like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the experience begins with the extraordinarily detailed queue.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge Queue Experience

The queue for Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge begins by entering the warp pipe on Mt. Beanpole that takes you to Yoshi’s Island. You start in an underground crystal cave, where you’ll see mushrooms and stars illuminating the walls. You then exit the cave to Yoshi’s Pink Cloud Island, which will eventually take you to a stairway leading outside.

Once you’re outside, you will enter Bowser’s Castle, where a lifesize Bowser statue greets you at the entrance. The first hallway in the castle showcases lifesize Mario Kart trophies and the various tournament sigils. On the far end of the hall is a large painting of Bowser and Bowser’s official challenge to Mario, framed in a portrait.

You then enter Bowser’s library/workroom. Here, you’ll see all the books Bowser reads to learn the best ways to capture Princess Peach and to figure out the best methods to achieve his goals. You’ll see a paper model of one of the Mario Kart courses Bowser created for the challenge and drawn plans for his future endeavors and creations.

Next, you enter Bowser’s Factory, where you can watch Bowser creates the enemy mob characters Mario faces in his game. You see Bob-ombs and Bullet Bills built and a lone Mecha-Koopa stored for later use.

From there, you enter a waiting hallway where you meet Team Bowser, the group led by Bowser, who you race during the ride. Next, you enter another waiting room where you will see Team Mario’s racing outfits. Here you watch a brief video on the ride, including how to put on and utilize the AR Goggles, use items during the ride, and score points if you have a Power-Up Band.

After the video ends, you get your AR Goggles and head to the launch station. Once you place the goggles on your head and get in your kart, the ride begins.

How to Win Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge:

The goal of the ride is to collect 100 coins. You collect coins by correctly steering the wheel in the right direction at the proper time and hitting the enemy team with items instead of Team Mario. All of the prompts show up through the AR Goggles.

As you reach a turn, the goggles will prompt you to turn the steering wheel in the correct direction, either left or right. If you do it correctly, you will get coins. Turn in the wrong direction, though, and you won’t receive any.

You will see Team Bowser racing alongside you when you look around the ride with your goggles. If you press the buttons on the side of your steering wheel, you can shoot a shell at them to knock them back and earn coins, just like in the game! However, you won’t get any coins if you accidentally hit someone on Team Mario (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, or Toad).

If you and your four teammates can collect 100 coins, you win the race and beat Team Bowser! If you can’t by the end of the ride, Team Bowser wins.

Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge Ride Experience

Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge begins with riders leaving the station and stopping in front of a round screen. On the walls, your AR Goggles will project Team Bowser moving from one side to the other. A review of the instructions will play on the screen, showing you the rules. While the instructions play, focus on the Team Bowser characters on the wall and use your steering wheel buttons to throw shells at them to earn some easy coins before the race begins.

Your goggles prompt you to turn the steering wheel to the right to position yourself for the start of the race. After a short countdown, the race begins, and both Team Mario and Team Bowser speed off ahead. The gate the racers go through closes before your kart can go through, forcing you to turn right.

You make a sharp left turn followed by a right turn past a Chain Chomp as various members of Team Bowser and Mario speed past you. You make a left turn followed by a right, then a left turn to drift past a Thwomp, who crushes Toad.

You turn to the right into a warp pipe and receive your first item box, getting you ten shells. Aim at Team Bowser with the shells, as they will get you the most points.

A Koopa on Team Bowser hits your kart with a shell, forcing you to turn your steering wheel to the left to readjust yourself. You receive 15 more shells to use as you drive past a Piranha Plant.

Then, you turn left and find yourself underwater. Team Bowser and Mario race past you while a giant seaworm swims nearby. Bowser emerges from behind the seaworm and throws a Blooper at you, causing everything to go black.

You turn the steering wheel to the right, left, and right to earn extra coins as Bowser drives in front of you. Bowser notices a giant fish skeleton and causes nearby bombs to explode, bringing the skeleton fish to life. At the same time, you receive an item box worth 20 shells. Try to aim the shells at the little skeleton fish that spawn in front of you to get some coins.

Your kart turns around as Mario prompts you forward with a “Lets-a Go!” You find yourself in Bowser’s castle, where multiple Boos live. The racers move past you, causing you to turn to the left to get out of the way of a racer from Team Bowser. You get 15 more shells from an item box and can aim at Team Bowser racers to earn coins.

You enter Bowser’s library, where three Magikoopa shoots magic at you, causing your kart to spin. Turn your wheel to the right and aim your shells at the Magikoopas to earn coins.

At the end of the hall are three portraits representing Royal Raceway, Rainbow Road, and the Dry Dry Desert Mario Kart courses that you pass by as you enter the next room.

You find yourself in the sky with the rest of the racers who are gliding with the karts. You turn the steering wheel to the right, then left, and get an item box worth 15 shells. Multiple Ty-foos blow at the racers in front of you, allowing you to get some easy coins if you hit them with your shells. A Koopa on Team Bowser uses lightning to shrink your kart and spin out. A Ty-foo blows at you, making you turn your steering wheel to the right.

Two members of Team Bowser fly in a pirate ship and shoot many Bullet Bills at you. Shoot at the two Team Bowser Koopas to gain some coins.

You turn to the right and gain 20 shells as a giant molten Bowser punches the ground, causing lava to explode in front of you. You can shoot at the Molten Bowser to get coins or save the shells for the finale. Saving the shells may earn you more coins, as you’ll immediately earn more soon.

You turn to the right and find yourself racing down Rainbow Road. You turn the steering wheel to the right and get an item box worth 30 shells. If you saved some shells, now is an excellent time to use them, as Team Bowser is right in front of you. Hit team Bowser to knock them away and earn some coins.

Team Mario appears with an invincible Bowser racing between them. Team Mario disappears, leaving only Bowser in front of you. As soon as his invincibility wears off, unload your remaining shells into Bowser to earn as many coins as possible.

You turn to the right and reach the final straightaway to the finish line. Bowser and Mario race next to one another and try to get to the finish line first. The race’s outcome depends on how many coins you and the four other members in your kart receive. If you get over 100 coins, Team Mario wins. If you get less than 100 coins, Team Bowser wins.

The race’s winner celebrates (either Mario or Bowser) while the losers cry. If you had paired your Power-Up Band to the steering wheel, the total amount of coins earned is added to your overall coin count from Super Nintendo World and shown to you. Before you make it back to the launch station, you pass a screen that shows the individual scores of each member in your kart. Then, you make it back to the launch station, ending the ride.

The Golden Key Challenges

If you purchase a Power-Up Band, you can unlock Bowser Jr’s Shadow Showdown Boss Battle. Spread around Super Nintendo World are multiple golden keys you can collect in addition to the coins. You can get each key by playing simple interactive mini-games that test your coordination, timing, or speed. 

  • You unlock the first key by playing Gooma Crazy Crank. The objective is to spin the crank fast enough to knock a goomba off a platform. 
  • The second mini-game is Thwomp Panel Panic, where you must change all the panels on the screen to the same color before the Thwomp changes them back. 
  • You can unlock the third key by playing Koopa Troopa POWer Punch which requires you to hit a pow block at the correct time so that the shell lines up with the middle warp pipe and hits the blue pow block. 
  • You get the fourth key when you complete Piranha Plant Nap Mishap. To win this game, you must turn off all the blinking alarm clocks before Piranha Plant wakes up.

You can play Bowser Jr’s Shadow Showdown Boss Battle when you collect three of the four keys. 

Bowser Jr Shadow Showdown Boss Battle

Once you have collected three of the four keys, you can play Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown, an interactive motion-tracking mini-game boss battle that puts you against Bowser Jr, who has stolen the Golden Mushroom.

During the game, you must use your shadow to swat Bob-ombs away, duck under incoming Bullet Bills, jump to hit Question Blocks to grant you Power Ups and wave your hand to throw fireballs. Doing well in the game also gets you a lot of golden coins, increasing your chance of getting a high score for the day at Super Nintendo World!

Mario, Luigi, and Peach Character Meet & Greets

One of Super Nintendo World’s main features is meeting the iconic characters from the Super Mario series, Mario, Luigi, and Peach. Mario and Luigi appear together near the center of Super Nintendo World, while Peach is outside her castle near the gazebo.

The costumed characters can talk, blink, and look at you, showing that the technology is more advanced than your typical character meet and greet. What they say, though, is pre-recorded, so you shouldn’t expect a back-and-forth conversation with them. Still, it shows how far costumed characters have come over the years, which is great.

Stickers and Coins at Super Nintendo World

One aspect of Super Nintendo World that separates it from many theme parks is the game every visitor takes part in while visiting. While doing Super Nintendo World activities, you’ll gradually earn coins.

What is the purpose of the coins? Every person who purchases a Power-Up Band and registers with the Universal Studios Hollywood App is placed on a scoreboard. The more coins you receive throughout your day, the higher you rank on the scoreboard.

What is the best way to earn coins in Super Nintendo World? The key is stickers. Stickers are like goals or achievements you can work towards during your day in the park. You can get stickers for playing all the mini-games, hitting 100 blocks, or earning the highest score in Mario Kart. Earning stickers can quickly net you 100s of coins, boosting your ranking. Some stickers can be earned as many times as you want, which can net you tons of coins. There are tons of stickers to earn throughout your day at Super Nintendo World, so try to get them all!

If you do, you might end up as number one on the scoreboard!

What’s Coming to Super Nintendo World in the Future?

Super Nintendo World will only get bigger and bigger as it expands to include additional Nintendo properties. The first expansion is Donkey Kong Country, which will open in 2024 for Universal Studios Japan and sometime in the future for Universal Studios Hollywood.

Donkey Kong Country will have a rollercoaster and interactive activities similar to what you can find in the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s sure to be just as incredible as the current games at Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World will open in Universal Studios Orlando‘s new Epic Universe coming in the Summer of 2025, which may be the most expansive version yet!

Stick with ParkFrog to keep up with the latest Super Nintendo World updates!

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