The Ultimate Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood Rides

Universal Studios Hollywood Arches

Universal Studios Hollywood Rides

Located in Los Angeles, California, Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the oldest movie studios still in use to this day. As the location of many famous films, the movie studio was initially open to the public for tours to see each movie set. The studio’s popularity was enormous, so in 1964, Universal Studios Hollywood expanded and re-opened as a theme park. Today, Universal Studios Hollywood is one of America’s most visited theme parks.

Though the theme park section is smaller than its East Coast sister site, Universal Studios Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood has many attractions and activities to offer visitors. Universal Studios has 21 attractions, including rides, shows, and more, spread throughout the park in the Upper Lot, Lower Lot, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Universal Studios Hollywood, with a focus on the rides. You’ll learn the most important aspects of the park’s rides including ride experiences, wait times, height requirements, and more. It will also include a section about the many different live shows you can watch while you visit the park. By the time you reach the end of this guide, you will have all the information you need to make your next visit to Universal Studios Hollywood a success!

The Upper Lot

#1 – The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash

The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash is the only non-simulation dark ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Since Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey opened in 2010 in Universal Orlando, Universal has focused on creating breathtaking queues for their newer rides. Opening in 2019, The Secret Life of Pets follows suit by delivering one of the most detailed queues in the park. So much so that the queue may be an even better experience than the actual ride.

Secret Life of Pets Queue Experience

The queue for the Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash is a fully realized apartment complex taken directly from the animated movie. The ride queue starts at the bottom of the apartment complex, where you will walk past multiple doors with mail slots. If you open the mail slot, you can see what some pets do when their owners are gone. You will then enter Buddy the dachshund’s apartment where you’ll see him getting a massage from a blender.

You exit the room and enter a hallway with stairs which you go up to reach the next apartment. The next apartment is Max and Duke’s, the movie’s main characters. Max and Duke talk to guests about what it means to be a pet while they wait in line. In this conversation, you learn that you are a stray puppy looking to be adopted on this ride.

The next room has a tv with a funny short film about how a pet can please its owner. Moving to the next bedroom, you’ll find an animatronic Snowball the bunny. He gives you a plan on how to find you (the stray puppy) a home, which is a summary of the ride. You exit the room marking the end of the queue and the start of the ride, where you’ll find the ride vehicles shaped like cardboard adoption boxes waiting for you.

Secret Life of Pets Ride Experience

The ride starts with you outside the apartment complex and takes you directly to a downtown city taken over by various pets. You first pass by a motion-capturing window that shows what you look like as a puppy. Then you see many pets from the movie messing around in the city.

You’ll see Max and Gidget next to Pops working a crane, with Duke and Chloe above you on a steel beam. Then you’ll see Snowball flying in the air with a drone, Buddy hanging out a window, Mel in a hotdog stand, a dog trying to get a stick through a fence, a dalmatian trying to eat ice cream, and a pointer doing yoga.

You enter cat territory, where Max is taken captive and dunked in water. Other cats surround you until you find yourself in a fireworks factory. Snowball is flying out of control, tied to a firework, while many other fireworks explode around you. Meanwhile, Buddy and Mel also spin upside down connected to fireworks, with Chloe aimlessly walking around with a firework on her head. Duke and Max are panicking because the fireworks factory is on fire, with explosions occurring on their end. You exit the factory to find Snowball, Buddy, Max, and Duke exhausted from the event.

You then enter the pet store to get groomed. Gidget tells you that you need to be cleaned to get adopted. As you go through the dog groomer, you’ll also see Duke and Chloe getting cleaned. Each stage of the groomer is motion captured. First, you see your puppy self get washed, then blow-dried. Afterward, you watch yourself get adopted by a family.

Back at the apartment complex, the pets throw you a celebration party for being adopted, marking the end of the ride.

Will you get motion sickness from the Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash?

You do not have to worry about motion sickness from the Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash, as there are no extreme spinning elements, no simulation moments, and very minimal screen usage.

Wait times for The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash

You can expect to wait 35 minutes for this Universal Studios Hollywood ride.

#2 – Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios Hollywood is a 2-D simulation ride that turns you into a minion and puts you through a series of tests to see if you have what it takes to help Gru take over the world. As this is a pure simulation ride, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is more similar to an interactive movie than a rollercoaster.

Despicable Me Minions Mayhem Ride Experience

During the pre-show, Gru and his adopted daughters Edith, Margo, and Agnes welcome guests to their house. Gru lays out his plan to turn humans into minions to help him with his “evil” plans. His youngest daughter wants to give him a gift, but as the human-to-minion tests are about to begin, he says it’s not the right moment for him to open it. The girls offer to help with the training, and Gru accepts.

Guests then enter the auditorium and take their seats in one of the rows. Once everyone is situated, the lap bars come down, and the ride begins. The girls appear in a hovercraft and order a minion to shoot the Minion Gun, which turns the guests into minions.

The guests (as minions) fall through a hole in the floor, which opens up to a giant room filled with obstacle courses. The obstacle courses include a giant twisty slide, avoiding giants fly swatters, dodging lasers, and teamwork skills.

During one of the tests, the minions accidentally end up in the bomb transportation section of Gru’s workshop. Bombs begin to explode around the area, causing Agnes to lose her present for Gru. Agnes tasks the minions with catching the falling gift. The guests then chase after the gift as it falls through cogs and other machinery when Agnes and the girls catch it with the help of Gru. As the hovercraft fails, everyone falls, only to land safely on a pile of minions.

Agnes hands the present to Gru, who opens it and finds a doll in the shape of himself. Gru accepts the present, saying it’s “absolutely perfect.” Gru then throws the girls an adoption day party, as it’s their anniversary of becoming a family. Gru acknowledges the guests and congratulates them on becoming minions and passing the tests, but another minion accidentally shoots the Minion Gun at the guests again, turning them back into humans and ending the ride.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Simulation Effects and Motion Sickness

Each action moves your seats in synchronization with what occurs on screen. When the camera falls, the seats tilt forward. When the camera jumps, the seats tilt up. When the camera moves left and right, the seats move left and right.

Because Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is a simulation ride, you may get motion sickness while on the ride. Fortunately, there are no spinning elements on the ride, and the ride is no longer a 3D attraction, which helps minimize nausea you may feel.

Height Requirements for Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

You must be at least 40″ to ride Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, but all guests under 48″ must be accompanied by a supervisor at all times.

Wait Times for Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

You can expect to wait 30 minutes for this Universal Studios Hollywood ride.

#3 – Super Silly Fun Land

Super Silly Fun Land is a kid’s water play area with an aerial carousel based on the amusement park of the same name from Despicable Me.

At Super Silly Fun Land, guests can play around in the large splash area with multiple water drop buckets, water windmills, large water fountain umbrellas and mushrooms, water shooters, pads with water fountains from the ground, and much more.

There are also jungle gyms that kids can climb and play in around the area. If your kids want to get soaked, there is no better option than the Super Silly Fun Land play area.

In addition to the water play area, Super Silly Fun Land has an aerial carousel called the Silly Swirly. Like all aerial carousels, you can move the ride vehicle up and down with the joystick in front of your seats.

Further into Super Silly Fun Land is a shaded playground for kids. This playground has two small slides and a Despicable Me-themed jungle gym.

Wait time for the Silly Swirly

Typically, the wait time for the Silly Swirly is 5 minutes.

Height Limitations for Super Silly Fun Land

As Super Silly Fun Land is a play area made for kids, only guests 48″ or below can participate in the splash area or playground. Regarding the Silly Swirly, there are no height requirements or limits.

#4 – Kung Fu Panda Adventure

Kung Fu Panda Adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood is a 4D interactive simulation show that takes guests on an adventure with Po as he and his companions attempt to deliver a special gift to the emperor.

Kung Fu Panda Adventure Pre-Show Experience

The pre-show for the Kung Fu Panda Adventure features many characters from Dreamworks Studios movies, including Shrek, Madagascar, and Trolls, in addition to those from Kung Fu Panda.

The Pre-show starts with the penguins of Madagascar, Donkey, Shrek, and the Gingerbread Man from Shrek, Marty from Madagascar, and Poppy from Trolls arguing about who the audience came to see. Po arrives and claims that the guests are kung fu fans, so they have come to see him. Then, Po names the three artifacts against the wall of the waiting room. The primary artifact, the Ming Hammer, is described as so powerful that it can knock someone into the spirit realm.

Master Shifu and Mister Ping arrive and tell Po that he received a message from the emperor, tasking him with a special delivery of a liquid of ultimate power. The Dreamworks characters agree that the emperor will get his drink until Master Shifu says that, most likely, not everyone will survive the task. Shrek, Doney, and Marty leave with only the characters from Kung Fu Panda, Poppy, and the Gingerbread Man remaining. Po tells Poppy and the Gingerbread Man that they may be too small to help, so they leave.

Po then motions to the audience, says they would be the perfect backup for the mission, gets excited, and heads into the auditorium. As soon as he leaves, a villain named Kang steals the Ming Hammer. Po returns and asks the Dreamworks mascot to open the doors to the showroom, ending the pre-show.

Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ride Experience

The ride begins with Po, Mr. Ping, and Master Shifu on a boat on dry land. He asks some people on the side to “fill ‘er up,” and water begins to pour from both sides. With enough water filled, the boat floats, and the gates open, taking Po and the audience into the middle of the raging river.

The river leads Po and his friends down the bend, where the audience will notice many crashed and deserted ships. Po sees that the river on the map suddenly ends, but Master Shifu says that it doesn’t end; it means that there is a waterfall. Po and the group immediately cross the waterfall’s edge and crash to the bottom. The audience also falls but lands on a walkway attached to a mountain under construction. The audience rolls down the mountain walkway, but eventually, it runs out. The audience falls into the river where Po and the group are waiting for them.

Po and the audience float into a cave with bioluminescent lights floating around. Master Shifu says the cave is Kang territory, and they must be quiet, or they’ll be discovered. Po and Mr. Ping talk loudly, and the Kang wolf pirates quickly surround the group.

The Kang leader with the Ming Hammer attacks Po and the audience, yelling that he wants the liquid of ultimate power. Kang races after the liquid of ultimate power but is beaten back by Po. The audience is lifted into the air with a crane while Po fends off attacks from the pirates. The audience is dropped onto a conveyor belt with axes swinging from above and other dangerous traps narrowly missing a deadly blow.

As the audience reaches the end of the conveyor belt, Kang catches the liquid. As he is about to drink it, Po arrives, and the two of them fight. Kang is knocked off the screen, and Po retrieves the liquid. The group in their boat falls down a tunnel and arrives outside a short distance from the emperor’s palace.

The emperor is excited to see the dragon warrior and welcomes Po, but Kang interrupts the meeting and slams the Ming Hammer to the ground, transporting Po and the audience to the spirit realm.

The entire auditorium transforms into the spirit realm, signifying that the walls (save for a few pillars and two balconies) were screens the whole time. Po and the Kang Pirates fight in the spirit realm utilizing the auditorium architecture throughout their battle. Eventually, Kang forces Po to make a choice; save his dad or take back the bottle. Po uses his famous “skadoosh” move and saves his dad, returning them to the mortal realm.

The emperor is happy to see Po again, who is sad that they lost the emperor’s special liquid of ultimate power. It is revealed that the special delivery was Po himself and the “liquid of ultimate power” was his dad’s secret hot sauce. Kang is blown out of the spirit realm and knocked to the ground, dropping the hot sauce and the Ming Hammer. Po drinks the sauce and burps fire out of his mouth, making everyone laugh. He picks up the hammer and yells a catchphrase, making the hammer spin across the auditorium walls and crash into one of the balconies ending the show.

Will the simulation effects on the Kung Fu Panda Adventure make you sick?

Although no spinning is involved in the show, and while overall, the simulation effects aren’t as powerful as those on Despicable Me, Harry Potter, or the Transformers Ride, they are still significant enough to make someone who does not do it well with screen rides feel uneasy.

There is a lot of shaking and tilting left and right in your seats throughout the show. Physically, that is the extent of the simulation. However, multiple times the camera falls in the first-person point of view, which could make some feel uncomfortable, as you aren’t falling but will feel the simulation of the action. However, if any of that worries you, there is an option available where you can sit in seats that do not move throughout the show, and you can watch it like a typical movie.

Wait Times for Kung Fu Panda Adventure

Usually, the wait times for Kung Fu Panda Adventure are 15 minutes.

(Upper Lot) The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade

#5 – Ollivanders

Ollivanders is a short but magical show that allows you to experience what it is like to shop for a wand in the Wizarding world. 

During the show, the wand keeper chooses one lucky guest to be sized and fitted for their wand. The guest is given a wand and asked to perform a spell to determine if it is the right fit. 

Like in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, none of the wands work for the guest at first as they cause the spells to go out of control. However, as Ollivander himself says, “the wand chooses the wizard.” 

The last wand the guest receives comes from a dusty old box, showing how old the wand is. But magically, the wand works perfectly for the guest, causing magic to swirl around them, ending the show. 

After, you can enter the real Ollivander’s shop and purchase the wand of your choice. If you were the lucky guest chosen during the show, you could buy the wand that chose you specifically if you like. 

How much do the wands at ollivanders cost?

There are two types of wands you can buy.

The first is the interactive wands that allow you to interact with particular objects found around the park that respond to a swish and flick motion that, in response, creates a unique effect.

These wands cost $59 before tax.

The second type of wand is noninteractive that are purely for decoration. These wands cost $55 before tax.

Otherwise, you can buy specific replica wands from the movies like Harry, Hermione, Ron’s, or Dumbledores. These replica wands also come in interactive and noninteractive versions.

Again, the interactive ones cost $59 before tax, and the noninteractive ones cost $55 before tax.

#6 – Flight of the Hippogriff

Flight of the Hippogriff is a short on-rail rollercoaster that puts you on the back of a hippogriff and simulates you flying around Hogwarts, like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

When the ride begins, you see the full-size, animatronic Buckbeak, Hagrid’s hippogriff from the third movie. Like in the film, Hagrid tells the rider to bow his head to show Buckbeak respect. Buckbeak then bows his head in return.

The riders ascend a short way up, giving a good view of Hagrid’s hut that riders walked past in the queue and Hogwarts castle, where Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey takes place.

After the ascent, Flight of the Hippogriff consists of only a few left and right turns before returning to the starting point. It is a very kid-friendly, non-intimidating coaster, perfect for first-timers.

Height Requirements for Flight of the Hippogriff

Guests must be at least 39″ to ride Flight of the Hippogriff, but all guests under 48″ must be accompanied by a supervisor.

Wait times for Flight of the Hippogriff

You can expect to wait 10 minutes for this Universal Studios Hollywood ride.

#7 – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the main attraction of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. On this simulation ride, guests will visit Hogwarts and go on an adventure with Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they battle creatures of the Dark Arts. In addition, guests will be able to walk the halls of Hogwarts themselves in one of the most expertly crafted queues in the park.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Queue Experience

The queue begins outside, where you walk past the Weasley’s crashed Flying Ford Anglia. After a bit of a walk of the outer grounds, you reached the dungeons of Hogwarts. You will first notice the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This mirror is said to show one’s deepest desires. Across from the Mirror of Erised is a statue of the One-Eyed Witch from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Then, as you walk further into the dungeons, you will pass a door marked as the Potion’s classroom, where Professor Snape held his classes.

You again go outside, where you’ll walk through the Herbology greenhouse, where you see an assortment of magical plants, including potted mandrakes. The Herbology greenhouse then connects to the main halls of Hogwarts, where a golden statue representing the Hogwarts Houses will greet you. Past the golden statue is the House Cup rankings that show which Hogwarts House is in the lead. You will then walk past the Griffin statue leading to Dumbledore’s Office.

You’ll then enter the room of moving pictures, with the ones of Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin, and Godric Gryffindor arguing about the upcoming Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

You’ll then enter Dumbledore’s Office, where Dumbledore welcomes you to Hogwarts and gives an introduction to the school. You’ll see familiar objects in his office, such as the Pensieve and Dumbledore’s desk. You will then enter the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom to meet Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

In the classroom, the trio lay out a plan to sneak you and the rest of the muggles to the Quidditch pitch to watch the Quidditch game. In order to accomplish that, they want to cast a spell on you so that you can sneak past the castle guards. Ron tries to cast the spell, but it doesn’t work and instead makes it snow inside the classroom. Hermione says she can cast the spell but needs the group to head to the Room of Requirement first.

You leave the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and head to the Gryffindor Common Room, where you first walk past the portrait of the Fat Lady, who has a lot to say if you stay and listen. In the Gryffindor Common Room, you can listen to a portrait give safety instructions regarding the ride. Outside the common room, you’ll walk past the talking Sorting Hat and enter the loading zone for the ride, ending the queue.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride Experience

The ride begins in the Room of Requirement. Hermione standing on a balcony, casts a spell on you that allows you to fly. She then says that Harry and Ron are at the top of the astronomy tower, and by using floo powder, you can instantly meet them there. She throws the floo powder at you, and you teleport to the astronomy tower, where Ron and Harry wait for you on their broomsticks.

Harry and Ron are happy that Hermione’s spell worked and tell you to follow them to the Quidditch field. You fly outside of Hogwarts until you reach Hagrid, who is holding a large chain. He asks you if you’ve seen a dragon anywhere. Underneath him, a Hungarian Horntail dragon appears and chases after Harry and Ron. You fly away, but the dragon intercepts you and breathes out a large gust of flames.

At this point, the ride moves away from the screen and turns you to face a large animatronic Hungarian Horntail who roars in your face. You turn again to find yourself in Aragog’s lair, indicating that you have fallen into the giant spider’s nest in the Forbidden Forest. Hermione comes to your rescue and casts an Arania Exumai charm that scares off the spiders. Doing so allows you to escape the Forbidden Forest, but not before Hermione can give you a warning about the Whomping Willow. As she does so, you run into an animatronic Whomping Willow that moves one of its branches to attack you. The ride then turns you to the next screen.

You’ve reached the Quidditch field where Gryffindor and Slytherin are holding their match. Harry finds you and asks where you have been but then sees the golden snitch flying by him. Malfoy hits Harry and remarks on him showing off for his muggle admirers. As they give chase to the snitch flying through the Quidditch field, Slytherin scores a goal on Ron, who is playing keeper. Ron points out and warns that Dementors have come to the pitch. Harry finds you and tells you to follow him, but a dementor gives chase. Harry tries to fight off the dementor on his broom but falls into a cavern outside the quidditch field that leads to the Chamber of Secrets.

The ride then turns you away from the screen where animatronic dementors now surround you in a pitch-black room. Smoke around you obscures your vision but clears in time for you to see a giant basilisk skeleton. In the distance, Voldemort’s dark mark appears. At this point, you are now in front of a screen once more.

Harry comes to the rescue and casts his Patronus charm, causing the dementors to fly away. You fly with Harry through the cavern, but the walls begin to cave in. You escape the cavern and emerge above the Forbidden Forest at the edge of the Black Lake. Harry tells you to go to the Great Hall back at Hogwarts, where you find all the students celebrating with Harry and Ron, who thank you for your help.

You move across the hall and find Hermione, Dumbledore, and Hagrid cheering you on, along with more students and faculty. Dumbledore tells you you’ve shown great bravery and are welcome at Hogwarts anytime. He teleports you back to the launch zone and gives a final warning about not leaving any belongings behind because Filtch might take them, thus ending the ride.

Motion Sickness on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Because Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a simulation dark ride with a majority of it involving screens, motion sickness is common while riding this ride. On the ride, you will spin, drop, twist, turn, and move onto your back as if lying down. The only element not experienced on the ride is inversion.

Height Requirements for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Guests must be 48″ to ride this Universal Studios Hollywood ride.

Weight Restrictions For Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Guests whose waistline exceeds 40″ may not be able to ride this ride as the seats may be too small.

Wait Times for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

You can expect to wait ~30 minutes for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

Upper Lot (Cont.)

#8 – The Studio Tour

Arguably the main attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, the Studio Tour takes guests around the actual lots of the studio involved in the various commercial, television shows, and movie-making process. In addition, guests can experience segments from the King Kong and Fast and Furious rides at Universal Orlando Resort. 

The Studio Tour Experience

On the Studio Tour, your tour guide will give you inside information on all the locations you travel by. On the Front Lot, you’ll pass by multiple production studios that host various commercials and tv shows. You will then enter the New York stage, a recreation of buildings that act as the city for shows and movies. The New York stage is often transformed into the London stage for shows or films that require a London set. 

After the New York stage, you will experience part of the King Kong ride made by Peter Jackson. Though the full version of the ride is at Universal Orlando Resort, what you experience on the Studio Tour is the climax of that ride. Here, you put on your 3-D glasses and watch as King Kong battles against T-Rexes on Skull Island. The King Kong section is a simulation ride that shakes the tour bus and simulates falling at times. 

After King Kong, the tour moves to the Back Lot, home to famous film locations like Bates Motel, JawsWar of the Worlds, and Nope. On your way to the first film location, you will pass multiple film cars like the originals from Jurassic ParkBack to the FutureHarry Potter, and Fast and the Furious. Then you’ll go through a recreated Jurassic Park area with a few animatronic dinosaurs. 

The first film location you visit on the Back Lot is Universal Studios Hollywood Mexico set, where you watch as a flash flood appears and then disappears with movie magic. Then, you head to the Western sets, where films such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and other westerns from the Silent Film Era. After that, you’ll go to the small town set, where the popular show, The Good Place, was filmed for all four seasons. From there, you’ll go to a set that looks like you are in a subway station. Here, you’ll experience an earthquake with fire effects, water effects, and a lot of shaking. 

Once you survive the earthquake, you’ll move on to one of the most iconic sets on the lot, the Bates Motel and Psycho House from Alred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Following that, you’ll pass by the crashed 747 airliner from War of the Worlds, starring Tom Cruise. After that set, you will enter Jupiter’s Claim set from Jordan Peele’s film Nope

The final destination features Fast and Furious Supercharged, the 3-D simulation ride from Universal Orlando Resort. Like with the King Kong section, you’ll experience shaking and simulated falling during this section. From there, you head back to the Upper Lot, where the tour began, thus ending the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour.

Wait times for the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

You can expect to wait 30 minutes for the Studio Tour.

How long is the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood?

The Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood is usually a 50-minute experience.

#9 – The Simpsons Ride

The Simpsons Ride is a 2-D motion simulator attraction that takes riders on an adventure with the Simpsons Family as they try to survive their vacation to Krusty Land.

The Simpsons Ride Pre-Show Experience

The Pre-Show begins with Krusty the Clown welcoming the Simpsons to Krusty Land. Lisa notices a nuclear reactor room and asks Krusty if Krusty built the park on a nuclear power plant. Professor Flink arrives and warns Krusty that the reactor is extremely dangerous, as the side effects of anyone going into the room could be deadly, like growing 50 ft tall. Krusty ignores Flink’s warnings and leads the Simpsons to the ride’s loading zone.

A worker stops Grampa Simpson and tells him that anyone with health conditions shouldn’t ride the ride. Marge leaves Maggie with Grampa, but he immediately falls asleep. Maggie shakes out of Grampa’s arms, crawls into the nuclear reactor room, and grows exponentially.

Meanwhile, as the Simpsons are about to go on the ride, Krusty is approached by Sideshow Bob, who knocks Krusty out. He forces the Simpsons on the ride car and begins the safety briefing. After the safety briefing, which is an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, riders are escorted to the ride’s loading zone.

The Simpsons Ride Full Experience

The ride begins with Sideshow Bob, in a crane, declaring that he has taken over Krusty Land. He changes the ride’s settings from “thrilling” to “killing,” which starts the rider’s ascent to the peak of the coaster set to be demolished. At the top, riders see the Simpsons on their ride vehicle in front of them. As the Simpsons are talking with one another, the rider’s cart accidentally hits the back of theirs, causing them to descend, with the riders quickly following from behind.

Riders go down the coaster’s drop until you see Homer stand up, causing him to get hit by Sideshow Bob’s wrecking ball that takes him away. The riders continue down the coaster’s track until Homer comes back around and smashes the tracks directly in front of them, causing them to derail to another part of the rollercoaster. Homer lands on the track with the wrecking ball behind him.

The ball begins to roll towards the riders, and Homer as the ride explodes until it collides with them, knocking the riders to another rollercoaster in Krusty Land shaped like Krusty the Clown. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are knocked into the air from the rollercoaster’s explosion. Though riders are on the Krusty the Clown ride long enough to hear someone shout that “you’re going to die,” they are quickly derailed and fly off into a ride called “Happy Little Elves in Panda Land.”

The riders then land in a moving mushroom, with Bart and Lisa falling in one in front of them. Sideshow Bob appears tied to a giant mecha panda, picks up Bart and Lisa’s mushroom, and slams it into the riders, causing them to roll backward. As the riders roll, Happy Little Elves in Panda Land explodes around them until they crash through a wall and fall into a water ride below called “Captain Dinosaur’s Pirate Rip Off,” where they find Homer and Marge.

Homer and Marge fall down a waterfall, and riders follow quickly behind. A smokescreen of Sideshow Bob warns Homer and Marge to “avoid the temptations placed in front of you.” Immediately, Homer tries to take a beer that the dinosaur captain offers. Doing so causes a chain reaction in the ride that causes the surroundings to explode.

Riders crash through a wall and land in a water arena where you find Bart held by Sideshow Bob and the panda mech. Homer and Marge pick up Bart on their boat, and Lisa appears, riding on a killer whale. Lisa lassos the rider’s boat and drags them to the arena exit, which explodes as the Simpsons Family gets close.

As the Simpsons try to escape the arena, they ride over multiple ramps, including one that simulates a twisting inversion. The last ramp takes riders into the audience of the water arena, where Sideshow Bob appears by crashing through the wall.

Sideshow Bob uses a buzzsaw to cut through the ground, creating an opening that leads to a significant plummet into lava. Before the Simpsons and the riders fall, a giant radioactive baby Maggie appears and grabs Sideshow Bob, destroying the panda mecha. Maggie accidentally knocks the riders into the hole, causing them to fall back towards the lava. Professor Flink appears on a helicopter and saves the riders before they crash into the lava.

Flink takes the riders out of the hole, and they emerge in front of the Springfield sign. They find Sideshow Bob holding a pacifier and giant Maggie following behind. Sideshow Bob tells Maggie he’ll give back her pacifier if she destroys Springfield.

Professor Flink flies the riders through Springfield as they watch giant Maggie wreak havoc on the town. Meanwhile, the Simpsons drive around in a tour tram from Krusty Land and try to rescue Maggie. Maggie retrieves her pacifier but quickly loses it. She spots the riders and mistakes them for her pacifier.

She grabs them and sucks on them a few times until she spits them out, causing them to fly back and get caught on electrical wires. The wires ricochet them back, causing the riders to fly past Maggie and into a billboard that says, “Send money to Universal Studios.” Riders then land in front of the Simpson’s house, where you find the Simpsons family running to sit on their couch.

As the Simpsons sit on their couch, the house’s walls disappear, and the couch transforms into the “Death Drop” ride. Kang and Kodos appear in their spaceship and says that “all rides need to exit near the gift shop.” The Simpsons drop along with the riders where they find they are way above the Earth’s atmosphere. The drop turns into a rollercoaster where multiple show references fly by as riders fall. At one point, Marge says this is where you take a picture, and a flash takes the rider’s photo.

As the riders fall, Krusty Land appears in the distance. The riders crash to the ground in front of Krusty Land, where Sideshow Bob awaits them. Sideshow Bob says he only has seconds to kill someone when the Simpsons and their couch land on top of him. Homer is happy the ride is over when Giant Maggie appears and knocks the Krusty the Clown head onto the riders, ending the ride to the Simpsons theme.

Motion Sickness on the Simpsons Ride

As the Simpsons Ride is a 2-D motion simulator experience, motion sickness is possible on this ride. On this ride, riders experience a simulation sensation of falling, spinning, inversions, and more. If you know you suffer from motion sickness, it may be best to skip this ride or take precautions beforehand.

Height Requirements for the Simpsons Ride

Guest must be at least 40″ to ride the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, but all guests under 48″ must be accompanied by a companion.

Wait Times for The Simpsons Ride

You can expect to wait 30 minutes for this Universal Studios Hollywood Ride.

Lower Lot

#10 – Jurassic World – The Ride

Jurassic World – The Ride is a water ride in the Lower Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood that takes riders to Jurassic World, the prehistoric park of dinosaurs.

Jurassic World – The Ride Experience

The ride begins as a calm boat ride that takes riders through multiple dinosaur exhibits. The first exhibit is the Mosasaurus Aquarium, home of the apex predator of the oceans. The ride then opens into a jungle-like area where multiple dinosaurs roam free.

The first dinosaurs riders see are a couple of Stegosaurus, one on a hill and another on the right side of the boat. The following dinosaur riders come across is a Parasaurolophus swimming in the water by Predator Cove.

When riders enter Predator Cove, a Code Red blares across speakers. The predator dinosaurs have broken out of their cages and have wreaked havoc on this part of the ride. The three most dangerous dinosaurs, the Indominus Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Dilophosaurous, have escaped and are nowhere to be found.

Riders first encounter two Compsognathus dinosaurs fighting over a hat by a destroyed Gyrosphere before coming across the open gates to the Indominus Rex exhibit. Claire Dearing, one of the main characters in the movie, attempts to contact riders on TV, but the connection disconnects.

Riders then enter Tyrannosaurus Kingdom, where they will first find the Indominus Rex spying on them through the informational wall before ascending into the dark exhibit. During the ascent, Owen Grady contacts riders on a TV, telling them not to panic and not to move out of the boats as “the dinosaurs will notice if you do.” He sends one of his Raptors, Blue, to guide you out of the park.

As riders reach the top, a Velociraptor lunges from the ceiling panels holding two broken wires. Dilophosaurous spread throughout the exhibit spray water at riders as you move along the area until you find Blue, Grady’s Raptor. Blue leads you to the exit, but the Indominus Rex appears first in its full size. As it crouches low towards the boat, the Tyrannosaurs Rex appears from above and lunges toward the Indominus Rex. At the same time, riders drop 84 feet into the water below, causing all to get splashed, ending the ride.

Height Requirements for Jurassic World – The Ride

Riders must be at least 42″ to ride Jurassic World – The Ride, but all under 48″ must be supervised.

Wait Times for Jurassic World – The Ride

You can expect to wait at least 25 minutes for this Universal Studios Hollywood Ride.

#11 – DinoPlay

Dino Play at Isla Nubar in the Lower Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood is a dinosaur-themed kid’s play area.

At Dino Play, jungle gyms and slides are built into a giant (plastic) Triceratops skeleton. Kids can learn about dinosaurs by reading the various facts throughout the play area.

In addition, there are various dinosaur teeth and claws that kids can learn about and see. There is also a large T. Rex skeleton head that kids can touch.

Dino Play is a perfect area for kids who may be too small or scared to go on Jurassic World – The Ride.

#12 – Revenge of the Mummy

Revenge of the Mummy is a high-intensity, indoor, dark rollercoaster in the Lower Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Revenge of the Mummy Ride Queue

The queue for the ride is an ancient 1940s archeological dig site. As you walk through the line, various traps will be set off that blow air at guests. Guests will see the Book of the Dead and a mummy in a sarcophagus before they reach the loading zone.

Revenge of the Mummy Ride Experience

The ride begins with a mummy rising from his tomb and looking at the rider’s cart. Above, a man appears and warns riders that “the curse is real,” and they need to run before a swarm of scarabs kills him. Riders then turn the corner to find themselves surrounded by mummies on the wall.

Riders enter a room filled with gold and riches. Sand head Imhotep appears on a screen and tells the riders, “Serve me and savor riches of eternal life, or join us in eternal death!” Animatronic Imhotep appears from above, chants an ancient Egyptian curse, and claims, “Now your souls belong to me!” Four mummy soldiers drop from above as riders are launched 40 mph into the darkness.

The high-speed section lasts for a minute as riders twist and turn in darkness and go through short drops. Large neon-colored mummy figures are placed above the track and are illuminated by flashing lights as riders go through the ride.

The ride briefly stops before a wall that quickly becomes covered in scarab beetles. From there, the cart launches backward, taking the riders uphill and around a few sharp turns and twists as you hear Imhotep laugh in the background. He then yells, “There’s no place to hide. Your souls are mine!” The ride then stops in darkness with thunder and lightning effects above the riders. The cart then slowly turns to face a smoke face Imhotep, who roars, then disappears. The wall opens to reveal that you have reached the loading zone once more, ending the ride.

Revenge of the Mummy Height Restrictions

To ride the Revenge of the Mummy, guests must be at least 48″.

Wait Times for Revenge of the Mummy

You can expect to wait at least 30 minutes for the Universal Studios Hollywood ride.

#13 – Transformers: The Ride – 3D

The Transformers Ride is a 3D, high-speed, motion simulator ride that puts you in the middle of an intense battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons as they fight to obtain the Allspark.

Transformers: the Ride – Ride Queue

During the queue, guests learn that the Decepticons have come to Earth in search of the Allspark. They are attacking the base of operations and are in a battle with the Autobots. Riders get a briefing from General Morshower and Optimus Prime, who tells the guests which Autobots will help in the fight. Guests are assigned to the Autobot named Evac, who will escort the Allspark to safety.

Transformers: The Ride – Ride Experience

The ride begins with riders seated on Evac in his car form. Evac takes the riders to the first room, where they find the Decepticon Ravage fighting Autobots for the Allspark. Evac moves to the next room, where Ravage and Bumblebee fight. Bumblebee destroys Ravage and passes the Allspark to Evac but is attacked from behind by Starscream.

Evac and the riders escape outside into the city and meet Optimus Prime, who praises them for obtaining the Allspark. He tells the Autobots to roll out and claims Megatron for himself. Evac and the riders drive away, but Megatron calls for the Decepticons to intercept the Allspark. The Decepticon Grindor, in his helicopter form, chases after the Riders and Evac into the subway system but is hit by a passing train and loses an arm.

Evac turns into the next room, where Megatron arrives and grabs onto the riders. He threatens Evac saying, “You can’t escape Megatron,” but accidentally breaks a water pipe causing water to splash the riders and Megatron to let go, allowing Evac to escape. Evac drives to a dead end and reverses into the next room, where Megatron awaits. Megatron tells Evac to “surrender or perish,” but Optimus Prime comes flying from above and tackles Megatron, continuing their fight. Megatron shoots a rocket towards Evac and the riders, but Evac reverses into another room before it explodes, causing hot air and smoke to blow out above.

The explosion creates an escape route for Evac, but the riders are sucked into a tornado made by the Decepticon Devastator. Devastator creates a vortex in an attempt to suck in Evac and the riders but instead, rubble falls on top of Evac, allowing the riders to escape.

The Autobot Sideswipe appears, surprised that Optimus entrusted Evac with the mission, but as they drive away, the Decepticon Bonecrusher attacks them. Bonecrusher and Sideswipe fight and Evac tries to help, but his gun is jammed. As the two fight, cars fly by. Evac turns to find that Devastator has come back and is trying to suck up the riders again.

Evac activates his battle shields as Devastator successfully sucks in the riders, allowing Evac to break through Devastator’s spirally throat. Immediately after the escape, the Deceptacon Starscream catches Evac and slams the riders into a building, through the glass, and into a construction zone. Evac drives through the construction zone looking for a way down, only to find Optimus and Megatron fighting.

Megatron and Optimus continue fighting as Evac, and the riders, watch. Optimus orders Evac to protect the Allspark, so Evac reverses to escape, only to find Starscream has destroyed an attack helicopter. As Starscream is about to attack the riders, another Autobot helicopter attacks him, causing him to fly away.

Evac drives away, but Megatron attacks him. As Megatron tells Evac to “beg for mercy,” Optimus appears and tackles him away. Evac declares that there’s “no more running,” and if “he wants the Allspark, he can have it.” Evac then uses the Allspark to punch Megatron in the chest, allowing Optimus to grab him and throw him off the top of the building. Evac and the riders also fall off the building, but Bumblebee catches them at the last second to the song “I’ve Got You” by James Brown.

Optimus Prime orders Evac to report in, tells the riders that their bravery has saved the planet, and calls them “freedom fighters.” Evac returns to the loading zone, where riders will see a destroyed full-sized Megatron in the ceiling, ending the ride.

Motion Sickness on Transformers: the Ride?

Since Transformers: The Ride – 3D is a motion simulator attraction, if you are susceptible to motion sickness, you can expect to get it during this ride. Some simulation effects include falling, moving at high speeds, twisting, turning, and more. Most of the spinning that occurs is the ride vehicle spinning to face the next screen or go into another room, rather than being a simulated effect. Overall, this ride is a high-intensity experience that may upset your stomach.

Height Requirements for Transformers: The Ride

Guests must be at least 40″ inches to ride Transformers; however, all under 48″ must be supervised.

Wait Times For Transformers: The Ride

You can expect to wait 20 minutes for this Universal Studios Hollywood ride.

The Live Shows at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is not only home to many rides and attractions. There are multiple live shows located in the Upper Lot that guests can watch during their visit. 

The shows include:

  • WaterWorld 
    • This 20-minute stunt show is filled with action and explosions on the water and land. If you sit in the front rows, there is a good chance you’ll get wet. 
  • Death Eaters Encounter *during Universal Halloween Horror Nights*
    • In Hogsmeade, Death Eaters will roam the village and attempt to recruit guests to join Lord Voldemort’s forces.
  • Universal’s Animal Actors
    • This 15-minute show allows guests to meet some highly trained animal actors that have appeared in various Universal movies and shows. Caretakers will explain how they taught the animals to be stars and show the audience their many tricks.
  •   Meet Universal’s Animal Actors
    • In this meet and greet, guests can get up close with the Animal Actors and take pictures with them. 
  • Jabbawockeez *during Halloween Horror Nights*
    • Guests can watch this high-intensity dance show from the famous dance group the Jabbawockeez. This show is filled with special effects and cool tricks you wouldn’t think possible. 
  • Special Effects Show *weekends only*
    • This 25-minute show allows guests to witness the power of Hollywood special effects that showcase the latest VFX technology and practical effects used in the movies. 

Universal Studio Hollywood is one of the most iconic theme parks in California. However, it is not the only Universal park in America. In Florida, there is Universal Studios Orlando Resort, home to almost all of these rides and more! But, if you’re interested in staying in California, why not travel to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland Resort? No matter which theme park you are interested in, ParkFrog will help you become a pro park hopper!

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