The Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The Joker is a steel/wooden hybrid rollercoaster in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The Joker was initially known as the Roar, one of the first rollercoasters to open at Marine Mammal Park (the name of the park before Six Flags took over in 1999). In 2015, Six Flags closed the Roar and rebranded and redesigned the classic wooden ride into the Joker, which opened in 2016. The new Joker ride introduced three state-of-the-art inversions for a wooden rollercoaster, faster speeds, and a steeper drop. Today, the Joker is arguably the flagship ride of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Ride Experience for the Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The Joker begins with riders making a left turn out of the launch station into a bunny hop hill, then taking a few more turns under tracks, and then finally going over two last bunny hills before going up a 100 ft chain lift hill.

Riders descend the steep 78-degree angled drop and reach a top speed of 53 mph on a slight right curve, which brings them to the first inversion, a step-up-under-flip inverted roll. At top speed, riders make a left turn into a hill, bringing them to the second inversion, a 180-degree zero-g stall. Riders then flip back into the standard positioning and continue forward, going over multiple wave turns and air time hills. After a camelback hill and a wide over-banked turn, riders arrive at the last inversion, a barrel roll.

The barrel roll leads into another banked turn and airtime hill before turning right into a brake run that leads back to the launch station, ending the ride.

Height Requirement for the Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Riders must be at least 48″ to ride the Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom).

Average Wait time for the Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

You can expect to wait 25-30 minutes for this ride.

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