The Penguin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The Penguin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The Penguin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The Penguin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) is a hybrid teacup/water ride with a unique twist.

Ride Experience for The Penguin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Typically with teacup rides, riders would rotate around in a circle while also being able to control how fast they spin by turning a wheel in their teacup. On the Penguin, riders do not have that option.

Instead, each teacup holds five riders, and each rider gets control of a squirt gun. Wheels connected to the squirt gun control the water pressure of the gun. The faster you turn the wheel, the harder the water shoots out. Throughout the ride, after the water rises in the arena, the teacups will rotate around the center, allowing riders to shoot water at other teacups. The goal is simple, wet as many people not in your teacup as possible, including those not on the ride.

People standing on the edges of the ride also have control of squirt guns. Their job is to squirt as many people on the ride as possible. The Penguin becomes a huge water gun fight between the riders in the teacups and the guests on the edges. It is one of the most unique and fun family rides in the park (as long as you don’t mind getting wet).

Height Requirement for The Penguin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Riders must be at least 36″ to ride the Penguin if with an adult companion. Those 48″ and above may ride alone.

Average Wait time for the Penguin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

You can expect to wait 10 minutes for this ride.

When is the Penguin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom open?

The Penguin is typically open during the Summer and Spring seasons but closed during the off-season (Fall and Winter).

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