Tron Lightcycle Run – EVERYTHING you need to know about the NEWEST Disney World Attraction

Tron Lightcycle Run On-Ride

What is Tron Lightcycle Run?

Finally, after many years, Tomorrowland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom has a new rollercoaster. Tron Lightcycle Run, the latest addition to Magic Kingdom, has been among the most highly anticipated rides in years.

First making its debut in Tokyo Disneyland, Tron Lightcycle Run has finally arrived at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and has been getting high praise from those lucky enough to ride it with preview passes.

Tron Lightcycle Run takes you into the digital world of Tron, where you and other riders compete as the Blue team in a battle race against the opposing Orange Team.

The new rollercoaster mixes indoor and outdoor elements to create a ride unlike anything else at Walt Disney World. What truly sets the ride apart from the others in the park are the Lightcycle and Lightrover ride vehicles.

Tron Lightcycle and Lightrover Ride Vehicles

Tron Lightcycles making a turn outdoors
Tron Lightcycles in motion

The Tron Lightcycles and Lightrover are the unique ride vehicles on Tron Lightcycle Run. The Lightcycles, which comprise all but two available seats, are identical replicas of the iconic Tron motorcycles. Unlike on most rides, getting on the Lightcycles is a little more challenging than just sitting down.

The process starts with you sitting on the Lightcycle and then leaning forward. You place your shins on a leg rest and bend them down while pushing your feet against the front of the back wheel. Then, you pull down on the handlebars, which brings forward a leg restraint against the back of your calves, restricting movement. At the same time, the backrest comes forward and rests against your back for comfort. At that point, you are secure and ready to begin the ride.

If for some reason, you can’t fit on the Lightcycle, whether you are too tall or too big, there is another option. The Lightrover is an accessibility vehicle at the back of the train that is wider than the Lightcycle and can fit two passengers.

The Lightrover Modified Seats give extra legroom for riders on Tron Lightcycle Run
Tron Lightcycle Run Lightrover Modified Seats

The Lightrover is your standard rollercoaster car, with the main difference being increased legroom. The seats are also much more cushioned and comfortable than regular rollercoaster cars. The only problem is that only one of the four trains on Tron Lightcycle Run contains a Lightrover option, so if you want to ride the Lightrover, prepare for an even longer wait than usual.

Tron Lightcycle Run Storage Compartments

The Lockers in Tron Lightcycle Run
The Locker System on Tron Lightcycle Run

One thing you may have noticed about the Lightcycles is that there isn’t enough space on the bikes to store your belongings. If that is what you thought, you would be correct. Instead, before you get on the ride, there is a locker system where you must store loose items or objects, including hats, backpacks, cameras, etc.

You can access these lockers with your magic band. Look for a locker number with blue light indicating the locker is available. Press your magic band to the number, and the door will open. Store your belongings in the locker and close it to lock the door. Then, you are ready to move onto the loading bay.

But what about phones?

Are phones safe in your pockets during Tron Lightcycle Run?

Each Lightcycle has a small compartment near the front of the bike between the handlebars where you can store your phone. All you need to do is lift up on the compartment door, place your phone in it, and close the door for it to lock safely so that the phone remains secure.

Therefore, putting your phones in the compartment is better than leaving them in your pocket during Tron Lightcycle Run. Just remember to grab your phone when the ride ends!

Tron Lightcycle Run Queue Experience

The queue for Tron Lightcycle starts outdoors near Space Mountain and then moves indoors. In the outside portion, the line takes place under a massive canopy. The main appeal of the outdoor section is that the Tron Lightcycle occasionally passes by above you while you wait.

Tron Lightcycle Run Canopy in the day and the beginning of the queue
Tron Lightcycle Run Sign and Canopy in the day

If you are getting in line at night, the canopy also lights up with a beautiful blue glow and, at some points, flashes orange and, on rare occasions, completely turns orange.

In the outdoor section, there are restrooms at the halfway point, a water fountain with a water bottle filler, and cast member photo pass photographers who will take your picture while you hold a glowing Tron Disc.

There is also a practice Lightcycle where you can get on the bike before the ride to practice setting up or determining whether or not you can fit on the bike. It is also an excellent opportunity for photos of yourself on the bike before you get on the ride.

Once you get indoors, the queue remains rather unthemed, except for an introduction to the Lightcycle races by the host and learning about the Orange Team.

There is, however, a particularly cool room called the Digitizing Room. The Digitizing Room represents Disney Magic at its finest.

The Digitizing Room is the transition point from the queue to the loading station. At first, it appears as a small room with no doors. After being digitized into the world of Tron, the wall in front of you turns into a glass window allowing you to see the launch of the Lightcycles. The Digitizing Room creates the biggest “wow” factor in the entire queue.

You are directed to the loading station from there, where you eventually get on Tron Lightcycle Run.

Tron Lightcycle Run Ride Experience

The most important part about this article and the attraction is the ride experience for Tron Lightcycle Run. What is it like? How does it run? Is it slow, fast, or somewhere in the middle? Will you get sick on the ride?

All good questions, and fortunately, Tron Lightcycle Run is a fantastic ride and an incredible addition to Magic Kingdom, with the only caveat being that it feels short.

You can think of Tron Lightcycle Run as a mix between Test Track, Rock n Roller Coaster, and Space Mountain.

Here are some stats about the ride:

Max Speed59.3 mph
Max Height78 ft
Track Length3,169 ft (966 M)
Launch0-59 mph in 3.43 seconds
Ride Duration1:40
Height Requirement48″

Tron Lightcycle Run has a maximum speed of 59.3 mph, making it the fastest ride in Magic Kingdom and one of the fastest rides at Disney World.

In comparison, Space Mountain has a top speed of 27 mph, Test Track has a top speed of 64.9 mph, and Rock n Roller Coaster has a top speed of 57 mph.

Though the ride may seem intense by looking at the stats, remember, this is a Disney World ride, so family comes first. Tron Lightcycle Run is a rollercoaster but still a family ride.

There are no inversions like on Rock n Roller Coaster and no sharp drops. Instead, the ride is smooth from beginning to end, only containing the initial launch and an occasional downward turn.

Tron Lightcycle Run is a “feast for the eyes”

Tron Lightcycle Run is a feast for the eyes, especially if ridden at night. Beautiful neon lights surround you as you race through the track. You’ll ride through “energy gates” that light up a bright blue (for Blue Team) color as you go through them, with large arrows pointing the way forward that act as a guide to where you’ll head next.

Meanwhile, surrounding you, you’ll see the Orange Team zip by as they try to get through their energy gates, sometimes crossing in front or around you.

The colors are enhanced due to the pitch-blackness of the indoor section, making you feel as if you really are in the digital world of Tron.

Tron Lightcycle Run’s epic electronic music soundtrack transports you into the world of Tron

Even better is the electronic music soundtrack that accompanies the ride. It’s a perfect theme that suits the attraction in all ways. The music does a great job of transporting you into the world of Tron. Considering Tron Legacy is known for its iconic Daft Punk electronic score, it should.

Unfortunately, Tron Lightcycle Run feels a bit too short

The only downside to the experience is the ride duration. This would arguably be one of the best rides in Disney World if it lasted just 20 seconds longer because, as it is, the ride ends just when it feels like it’s getting good.

It’s abrupt and an unfortunate side effect of the high speed. Space Mountain feels like a much longer ride, even though the track length is virtually the same (Space Mountain: 3,196 ft vs. Tron: 3,169 ft).

After riding Tron Lightcycle Run, you’ll want to get on it again, partially because riding it once won’t feel satisfying enough and partly because riding it twice, once in the front and once in the back, is worth it!

Just be prepared to wait in an extra long line because this ride will quickly become the busiest ride in Magic Kingdom.

When is Tron Lightcycle Run Open to the Public?

Tron Lightcycle Run opens to the public on April 4, 2023. Like in the initial launch months for Rise of the Resistance in Hollywood Studios and Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot, more than likely, you will need to sign up in a virtual queue to slot a time to ride Tron Lightcycle Run.

If you are an Annual Pass holder or a Disney Vacation Club member, previews for Tron Lightcycle Run start a month earlier on March 4, 2023!

 For more updates on Tron Lightcycle Run and everything else in Disney World, keep up to date with Park Frog!

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