Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) is a floorless thrill ride with multiple inversions, a 108 ft drop, and high speeds. At one point, Kong offered a virtual reality option called “The New Revolution Galactic Attack” that featured an alien invasion, but due to hygienic problems with the headsets and an increase in motion sickness, Six Flags removed the VR experience. As of now, Kong remains a classic rollercoaster experience.

Ride Experience for Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Kong begins with riders immediately climbing the 109 ft chain lift hill out of the launch station. The climb leads to a right-angled 108 ft drop that takes riders to a top speed of 50 mph. Riders race into the first of five inversions, a heartline loop that transforms into the second inversion, a sidewinder.

The sidewinder leads riders into a second short vertical drop, an incline, then a left-angled drop. Riders then go over an inverted loop that leads into a right turn that brings riders into the finale, two back-to-back inline twists.

The track then brings riders to a brake run, then a right turn into the launch station, ending the ride.

The total ride duration for Kong is 1 minute 36 seconds.

Height Restrictions for Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Riders must be at least 52″ to Ride Kong. Riders above 78″ (6’6) may not ride Kong.

Average Wait Time for Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The average wait time for Kong is 35 minutes.

Warning about Kong (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

One aspect of Kong that many riders complain about after going on the ride is that they experience intense headaches. Kong is not a smooth experience; it’s very bumpy and shakey, and that causes many people’s heads to constantly bang on the back of the headrest during the ride. Since Kong is a floorless rollercoaster, riders tend to sit forward unintentionally. So, to avoid headaches, keeping your head back in a relaxed position by resting it against the headrest is essential.

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