Skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Skyscreamer Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Skyscreamer is an aerial swing thrill ride (or “Star Flyer”) that will take you to new heights. Skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) is one of the two original versions of the ride out of the ten versions at the other Six Flags parks. A unique feature of the Skyscreamer at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is that this version of the ride can rotate backward. This experience only happens during special events or occasions.

There are 16 two-passenger seats that riders can choose from before Skyscreamer begins. Chains connect each chair to a gondola on the gigantic 150 ft tall tower, the tallest structure in the park. After selecting their chair, the rider straps a seatbelt over their lap. A lap bar then comes down and is tightly secured, ensuring safety during the ride.

Ride Experience for Skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) begins with a slow ascent up the 150 ft tower. As the gondola rises, it slowly begins to spin, causing the riders to rotate around the central structure. The higher the gondola goes up, the faster it turns until it eventually reaches a top speed of 43 mph at the top.

At the top, riders go around in a circle 98 ft in diameter, creating a sensation of flying on their side. Then, the gondola slowly comes down before rising to the top again. At the top, riders will get a great aerial view of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and an up-close view of the Medusa rollercoaster.

As the ride begins its descent back to the ground, the gondola slows its spin until the riders are no longer turning. At the bottom, riders exit the ride in their starting positions.

Height Requirement for Skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

To ride the Skyscreamer, guests must be at least 44″ and with an accompanying adult companion. Only guests 48″ and above may ride alone.

Average Wait Time for Skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

You can expect to wait 30 minutes to ride the Skyscreamer.

Will you get motion Sickness on Skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)?

Since Skyscreamer is technically a spinning ride, it is possible to get motion sickness while riding. However, the rotations on the Skyscreamer are wide, not small. Wide rotations rarely cause disorientation and extreme dizziness compared to short spins on standard spinning rides like the teacups. Therefore, it’s unlikely to happen.

If you are afraid of heights should you ride skyscreamer (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)?

If you have a fear of heights, you probably should not ride Skyscreamer. Skyscreamer lifts riders 150 ft into the air and keeps them there for at minimum 1 minute. In addition, riders do not have support for their feet as they dangle in the air while they spin. While riding, riders may also have the urge to look down, enhancing the anxiety of being so high up. If you do have a fear of heights and still want to ride Skyscreamer, closing your eyes may help reduce your stress while on the ride.

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