The Ultimate Guide to Universal’s Islands of Adventure Rides

Islands of Adventure Rides Guide

Universal’s Islands of Adventure Rides

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is Universal Studios Orlando’s primary destination for thrill rides, water rides, and traditional on-rail rollercoasters.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure has multiple sections of the park dedicated and themed accordingly to different iconic film franchises such as Jurassic Park, Marvel, classic Universal cartoons, Dr. Seuss, and Harry Potter.

Each section has rides suitable for kids and adults alike that will surely fill your day with fun and adventure. With a total of 21 rides and attractions, Universal’s Islands of Adventure has a lot to offer the entire family on your trip.

This guide will give you an overview of each ride available at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, focusing on the ride experience, average wait times, height requirements for kids, and your potential for sickness after each ride.

This guide will also briefly overview other attractions, like shows, available at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The Ultimate Guide to Universal’s Islands of Adventure Rides begins now!

Marvel Superhero Island

#1 – The Incredible Hulk Coaster

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is the first rollercoaster you will see when entering Islands of Adventure. If you hear screaming from outside the entryway, more than likely, it’s coming from the Incredible Hulk Coaster.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster, like its namesake, is enormous, green, and intense. By looking at the type of ride vehicle the Incredible Hulk has, you can tell what kind of experience you will have. The ride vehicle’s seats have a pull-down, over-the-shoulder harness that has to be secure for each passenger. Because of the safety measures, you can be sure that this ride will have high speeds, twists, turns, and more.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Ride Experience

The Incredible Hulk is an intense experience from the moment the ride starts. A slow incline takes you up for a few moments before suddenly launching 40 mph in two seconds before you reach the top of the climb. Then, with a twist, the first of seven inversions take place, immediately followed by a loop, a twist, and another loop.

At this point, you are about 20 seconds into the ride and have reached a top speed of 67 mph. Three more inversions are ahead of you, which include two sharp twists and a final loop. From here, the ride remains at high speed, but only drops and turns remain, allowing you to enjoy the Incredible Hulk theme song playing in the background before the ride slows down and takes you to the launch zone again.

The ride lasts two minutes and fifteen seconds, which is long for a rollercoaster that maintains a 67 mph speed.

Is the Incredible Hulk Coaster Okay For Kids?

Because of the seven inversions, the high speed of the ride, the drops, turns, and constant screams, it should be no surprise that some kids (or adults) may be afraid to ride the Incredible Hulk Coaster. It’s not a beginner-friendly ride in any sense. For kids new to coasters, I would recommend skipping this ride at first and trying something else, like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, to gauge their feelings about coasters before attempting to get them to ride the Incredible Hulk Coaster with you.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Height Requirement

For little kids with no fear of rollercoasters or those with more experience, there is a height requirement to get on the Incredible Hulk. You must be at least 54 inches (4’6″) to ride this ride.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Motion Sickness

The Incredible Hulk Coaster maintains a consistent, smooth, controlled feeling while on the ride that should not upset your stomach. As this is a classic coaster, no screen simulation elements are involved, which can make some riders sick. Because the Incredible Hulk is so fast and there is no spinning, motion sickness is not something you need to worry about after the ride.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Wait Times

The Incredible Hulk remains one of the most popular Islands of Adventure rides, so it usually has a long line. Typically, wait times for the Incredible Hulk Coaster is 80-100 minutes.

#2 – Storm Force Accelatron

The second of Universal’s Islands of Adventure rides is the Storm Force Accelatron.

Storm Force is a high-speed spinning ride where you control how fast you spin. If you have ever ridden the Mad Tea Cups at Disney World in Magic Kingdom, Storm Force is Universal’s equivalent.

However, Storm Force is a more intense version of the Mad Tea Cups. It moves faster, spins faster, and is much more unpredictable than the Disney equivalent.

Storm Force Ride Experience

Like the Mad Tea Cups, with Storm Force, in the center of each ride vehicle is a wheel that you can manually turn to spin your vehicle as fast as you want. The harder you turn the wheel, the faster it spins.

As you spin on the Mad Tea Cups, you slowly move around in a circle, as if you are on a carousel. On Storm Force, instead of just moving in a circle, you also are zig-zagging in random directions as you spin at a very high speed.

Storm Force Motion Sickness

The spinning, zig-zagging, and revolving together create a disorienting experience that isn’t for the faint of heart (or stomach). Of all Islands of Adventure rides, the Storm Force is the only ride made to make you feel dizzy, sick, and lightheaded. You will get motion sickness from this ride because that is the entire purpose of the ride. If that is something that makes you uncomfortable, you might want to skip this ride. If you do get sick easily, it’s a strong possibility the Storm Force will be the last ride you get on for the day even if it was your first ride in the park.

Storm Force Height Requirements

However, Storm Force has no height requirements, so even if the ride is meant to make you sick, kids of all ages can get on the ride and enjoy it.

Storm Force Wait Times

The Storm Force’s wait times are typically around 20-30 minutes, but sometimes they are walk-on.

#3 – Doctor Doom’s Fearfall

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall is Universal’s Islands of Adventure’s only drop ride in the park. Although it is technically a “drop ride,” the drop part of the ride is not the main appeal.

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall Ride Experience

At the end of the queue, you’ll reach closed doors that open to reveal four seats in a row, themed after the fantastic four. You pick your seat and pull down on the over-the-shoulder harness that secures you. The doors close again to reveal the face of Doctor Doom.

The ride lifts you about ten feet into the air just above Doctor Doom’s head. He then tells you that the fear you exhibit on the ride will help him defeat the Fantastic Four and that you should rest your head against the back of your headrest.

Immediately after he gives you the headrest suggestion, a short countdown begins, and the ride launches you into the air at a top speed of 40 mph. You sit stationary in the air for a few brief moments where you can see the entirety of Universal Orlando. Then, the ride drops you a short distance before launching you into the air one more time, then again, until it slowly descends you back to the starting position. In total, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall lasts around 60 seconds.

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall Height Requirements

There are height requirements for Doctor Doom’s Fearfall. You must be at least 52″ (4’4″) to ride.

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall Motion Sickness?

Because Doctor Doom’s Fearfall only involves going up and down, you shouldn’t have any problems with motion sickness after the ride. A sense of vertigo is possible if you have a fear of heights, and you may want to skip the ride.

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall Wait Times

Typically wait times for Doctor Doom’s Fearfall are short. You can expect a 20-30 minute wait for the ride.

#4 – The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride is the first mixed 3D/4D simulation and semi-on-rail ride at Islands of Adventure. Of all the Universal Orlando rides, Spider-Man is most like the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios Florida and “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” in Hogsmeade.

The basic concept of the Spider-Man ride is that you’ll be taken from room to room in your ride vehicle to watch a 3D video that moves your vehicle in various ways based on what happens on the screen.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Ride Experience

On the ride, you are given the role of new Daily Bugle journalist tasked with finding the latest big story. Because Spider-Man is nearby, J. Jonah Jameson tells you to follow him to get the story. From there, you follow Spider-Man around the city as he battles a few of his enemies, including Doctor Octopus, Hobgoblin, Electro, Hydro-Man, and Scream.

The ride simulates spinning, falling from high places, and web-swinging. 4D elements are also involved in the ride where, at some points, you get splashed with water, feel the heat of a fire, and get a little buzz in your seat mimicking an electric shock. Your ride vehicle spins multiple times quickly at one point as you move from one room to the next. Also, a platform lifts you into the air to simulate floating (a similar technique would later be used in “Rise of the Resistance” by Disney).

Will you Experience Motion Sickness on the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man?

Due to this ride being a 3D simulation ride, you might feel motion sickness after riding Spider-Man. The multiple spinning elements added with the 3D nature of the ride and the disorienting points of view throughout some scenes may upset your stomach and make you lightheaded. You may also experience dizziness and nausea after the ride.

Spider-Man Ride Height Requirements

Because Spider-Man is a simulation ride, the height requirements are not as strict as some more traditional rollercoasters like the Incredible Hulk. You must be 40″ (3’4″) to ride. However, children under 48″ must be supervised at all times.

Typically, wait times for The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man vary. You can expect between a 25-70 minute wait for the ride.

Toon Lagoon

#5 – Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges

Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges is a spinning raft water rapid ride in Toon Lagoon.

Like Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom at Disney World, Bilge-Rat Barges is the ride you go on if you want to get soaked. Three elements on the ride are why this is the best water ride in the park.

Bilge-Rat Barges Ride Experience

First, the rapids on the ride make it so you can get really wet at any moment. The raft is constantly crashing against the waves of the moving rapids making the water rise above the edges of the raft and into your seats.

The second element is that while you ride Bilge-Rat Barges, you come across many places where water falls on your head or is shot at you. These moments guarantee that you will get drenched on the ride.

The third aspect that makes Bilge-Rat Barges great is that you are never sure who is going to get the wettest on the ride. Because the rapids naturally spin the raft, the location of each rider changes during the ride. Depending on your seat, sometimes you ride backward and face forwards or move sideways.

It’s impossible to determine which spot will be the lucky rider placed directly under a waterfall on your ride. It creates a great sense of fun and suspense on your ride.

Do you get Motion Sickness on Bilge-Rat Barges?

Even though you are constantly spinning on the ride, because the water continually hits you, you are less likely to get motion sickness on this ride than on other rides.

There is a height requirement for this ride. You must be at least 42″ to ride Bilge-Rat Barges.

Average Wait times for Bilge-Rat Barges

The wait times for Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges range from 25 to 50 minutes.

#6 – Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls is Islands of Adventure’s mixed flume log water ride and coaster in Toon Lagoon. If you are familiar with Disney rides, this is Universal’s version of Splash Mountain. 

Ripsaw Falls takes you through a Dudley Do-Right story as he tries to rescue a damsel in distress from an evil villain. The character Dudley Do-Right is originally from the classic 1961 Universal Studios cartoon, the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, but eventually had his own series titled the Dudley Do-Right show, which premiered in 1969. 

As with all water rides, the question is, how wet do you get on the ride? Like almost all Islands of Adventure water rides, you get soaked on Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls. However, you won’t get as wet as you would on Bilge-Rat Barges, as the ride focuses on controlled moments for wetness rather than random ones. 

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls Ride Experience

Ripsaw Falls has three drops during the ride that get you wet. The first drop is a mixed coaster drop, a unique feature typically only found on normal rail rollercoasters. It works by dropping the rider down a hill to speed up the flume, only for it to go up another hill and drop into the water, resulting in a large splash that will soak all passengers. If you can imagine an elongated, lowercase “m” shape, that is what you will experience on the first drop. 

The second drop is a simple midsize drop into the water to prepare the rider for the grand finale. 

The final drop and the one Ripsaw Falls is known for is a 75-foot plunge at a 50-degree angle into the water, creating a massive wave that drenches all riders from head to toe. Splash Mountain’s famous drop in Disney World is only 52.5 feet, which is a 23-foot difference from Ripsaw Falls. 

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls Height Requirements

The height requirement for Ripsaw Falls is that the guest must be at least 44″ to ride, but guests under 48″ must have a supervisor at all times. 

Do you get motion sickness on Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls?

Because this is a water ride, you do not need to worry about motion sickness on this ride. 

Wait Times for Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

Typically, wait times for Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls are around 60-minutes. 

Skull Island

#7 – Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Skull Island: Reign of Kong is an off-rail simulation ride that takes you to Skull Island, home of King Kong and other prehistoric creatures.

Unlike most of the simulation rides at Universal, this ride mixes advanced animatronics at the beginning and end. However, most of the ride is similar to the Fast and the Furious ride at the Universal Studios Florida side of the park.

Reign of kong Ride Summary

The ride begins as a tour of Skull Island. You enter through a giant stone structure that houses a few huge animatronic bats and a massive skull belonging to one of King Kong’s relatives.

You meet the explorers of the Island, of who your tour guide is also a member. Kate, the head explorer, begins to welcome you when some of the giant bats you saw earlier attack the group. Kate gets taken away, and your tour guide begins a rescue.

You find Kate on a canyon floor shooting at the bats when giant bugs appear from underground. Kate manages to fight off the bugs until a claw emerges and takes her away.

Assuming Kate is dead, your tour guide tries to escape to safety when you run into a pack of dinosaurs. As you are about to be eaten by some T-Rex, King Kong appears, and a battle begins.

Kong fights off the multiple t-rex, killing a few, but somehow while the fighting ensues, your bus falls off a cliff. Kong comes to the rescue and manages to kill another rex, catch your bus, and bring you safely to the canyon floor.

The ride ends as you drive through a final room where a life-size King Kong animatronic (from the chest up) awaits you.

Reign of Kong Ride Experience

From the moment you meet the explorers, the ride is a simulation. The ride utilizes 4D and 3D as well as high winds to simulate speed and vehicle shaking to simulate falling.

Most of the simulation aspects of the ride involve shaking the tour bus and, at one point, tilting the bus to the side. The 4D part of the ride is water shot at you to mimic getting hit by the giant bug’s mucus.

Reign of Kong Motion Sickness

Because this is a 3D simulation ride, motion sickness is a strong possibility after riding Reign of Kong. Some of the shots during the fight scenes involve spinning, which may make a rider nauseous.

Reign of Kong Height Requirements

As this is a tour bus simulation ride, height requirements for Reign of Kong are only 36″; however, that is not to say that this is a kid’s ride. This ride could easily frighten young kids due to scary images and intense sound effects. Because of that, parental discretion is advised.

Wait Times for Reign of Kong

Typically, Skull Island: Reign of Kong’s wait times are 60 minutes.

Jurassic Park

#8 – Pteranodon Flyers

Pteranodon Flyers is a fast-paced kid-friendly aerial skyline ride that flies above Jurassic Park.

Each ride vehicle contains two seats, one in the front and one in the back. Typically, the bigger rider is placed in the back while the smaller rider goes in the front.

Pteranodon Flyers Ride Experience

On the ride, you’ll fly around the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure, giving you an excellent aerial view of the VelociCoaster, Dudley Do-Right, Reign of Kong, and Jurassic Park River Adventure.

The ride is slightly bumpy as it occasionally swings the rider left and right, but other than that, it is a smooth experience.

Pteranodon Flyers Adult Restrictions

Pteranodon Flyers is a kid’s ride. If you are above 56″ tall, you must be accompanied by a rider who is 36″ but under 56″. In other words, if you don’t have a kid with you, you are not allowed to ride this ride—sorry solo adult riders.

Wait Times for Pteranodon Flyers

Typically, wait times for Pteranodon Flyers are 50 minutes.

#9 – Jurassic Park River Adventure

Jurassic Park River Adventure is a mixed outdoor river tour ride and dark indoor ride. Imagine combining Disney’s Jungle Cruise with Dudley Do-Right’s drop and the Alien section of the Great Movie Ride (skip to 16:06); the result would be Jurassic Park River Adventure.

The ride vehicle is a large boat with five rows, each row able to fit four to five riders.

Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride Experience

Jurassic Park River Adventure starts as a peaceful tour of Jurassic Park, where you’ll see various life-size dinosaurs, including the brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, and a parasaurolophus.

Then, the ride takes an accidental turn into the raptor pen, turning the ride from relaxing to suspenseful. You pass broken fences and a raptor-infested boat until the river leads you into a control building overrun with dangerous dinosaurs. The raptors have taken over the area and gotten loose.

At this point, the ride becomes a dark indoor ride with jump scares. The building is pitch black, save for flashing red lights that reveal predator dinosaurs nearby. Slowly you float forward until you come across the strongest dinosaur of them all, the T-Rex.

Jurassic Park River Adventure Drop

The T-Rex roars, and immediately, you take an 85-foot plunge back down into the water below, creating a massive wave where you’ll surely get wet. It’s the largest and fastest drop on any water ride at Islands of Adventure and the grand finale of the ride. From there, the ride reconnects you with the end of the original relaxing tour bringing you back to the launching point.

Jurassic Park River Adventure Height Requirements

Height requirements for Jurassic Park River Adventure are 42″.

Jurassic Park River Adventure Wait Times

Typically wait times for Jurassic Park River Adventure are 30 minutes.

#10 – Jurassic World VelociCoaster

Out of all the Islands of Adventure rides at Universal, the VelociCoaster is the park’s most intense on-rails and traditional rollercoaster. Not only is the VelociCoaster the fastest on-rails rollercoaster at Islands of Adventure, but it also has the highest drop and the sharpest inversions. The VelociCoaster is not for the faint of heart, but at the same time, it’s one of the best traditional rollercoasters on Earth.

The VelociCoaster Ride Experience

The ride starts by placing you side by side with velociraptors in their cages. Bright lights flash inside the cages as the velociraptors prepare themselves to run. A short countdown begins, immediately followed by a 0-50 mph launch in two seconds.

The launch takes you to your first inversion and through a set of two rocks. Then, you go up the second inversion, which drops you down, taking you through multiple twists and sharp turns. You zoom past a set of four velociraptors, which leads to an area that resembles the first launch zone.

The second launch point is the marker for the ascent to the highest drop in the park. At full speed, you zoom through the second launch zone and reach heights of 155 ft before coming down at speeds of 70 mph. The ride turns you left and immediately right while you are upside-down during the third inversion to create a zero-G sensation that feels as if you are floating and have stopped in mid-air.

The ride then takes you over the lagoon at a sharp angle multiple times until it enters its final inversion, a roll that puts you a few feet away from the water below. After the roll, the ride takes you back up until it slows down and brings you back to the launch bay ending the ride.

Should you ride the VelociCoaster if you are afraid of Rollercoasters?

The VelociCoaster is the most intense ride in Islands of Adventure. Unless you are an experienced rollercoaster enjoyer, this may not be the best ride for those who are less experienced or afraid of coasters. Therefore, it is not recommended to ride the VelociCoaster for first-time rollercoaster riders or those afraid of rollercoasters.

Height Requirements for the VelociCoaster

Regarding the height requirements, riders must be at least 51″ to ride the VelociCoaster.

Motion Sickness on the VelociCoaster

Because of the speed of the VelociCoaster, motion sickness is not something you need to worry about on this ride, as there are no simulation effects, 3D elements, or screens.

Wait Times for the VelociCoaster

Typically, the wait times for the VelociCoaster are 45-70 minutes.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hogsmeade

#11 – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

best video representing the queue

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a mixed simulation thrill ride that takes you to Hogwarts both on the ride and in real life.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is notable in two parts. First, it has the best queue out of all the rides at Universal Orlando and arguably in the world, and second, would be the ride experience.

Universal has successfully recreated one of the most iconic locations in films and novels. Even if one wasn’t a fan of the Harry Potter movies or books, it is very hard not to be impressed by the amount of detail that Universal put in to bring Hogwarts to life. If one is a fan of Harry Potter, the queue for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is simply mind-blowing.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Queue Experience

The queue starts in the dungeons of Hogwarts. You’ll walk past a few notable items from the movies like the Mirror of Erised, the door to the Potions Classroom, and statues of famous wizards. Outside, you’ll walk through the Herbology classroom, where you can see potted mandrakes. Then, you’ll enter the main section of Hogwarts.

A statue representing the four houses of Hogwarts will greet you at the entrance, followed by a representation of the leaders for the House Cup, and then you’ll see the hidden staircase leading to the Headmaster’s Office.

You’ll be led to a room with many pictures, with four of them, Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Helga Hufflepuff, talking amongst each other.

Then, you’ll walk through the Headmaster’s Office, where Dumbledore gives you a speech about Voldemort.

You’ll next enter the Dark Arts Classroom, where you’ll see Harry, Ron, and Hermione enter through a door underneath the Invisibility Cloak. They will reveal themselves to you and give you a brief overview of the story at the beginning of the ride.

The group wants to show you a Quidditch match, but they must sneak you out of the castle first. Hermione wants to meet you in the Room of Requirement so she can place a spell on you that allows you to get past castle security.

From there, you’ll walk past the talking and moving Sorting Hat and find yourself in the Room of Requirement, which is also the launching zone for the beginning of the ride.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride Experience

best video representing the ride experience

The ride starts with Hermione casting a spell on you, which allows you to fly. She then uses Floo Powder to send you to the observatory, where you meet Harry and Ron on their broomsticks. While flying, you come across Hagrid looking for a dragon that has gotten loose. The dragon appears in front of you and chases after Harry and Ron. The dragon then turns its attention on you and blows fire in your direction.

The scene ends, and your ride vehicle takes you to another room where you will see an animatronic dragon that breathes smoke in your direction. You’ll then move to another room representing the Forbidden Forest, where you’ll run into animatronic giant spiders, including Aragog. Hermione comes to your rescue, but on your way out of the forest, you run into the Whomping Willow, which attacks you.

You escape the Whomping Willow and move to an in-progress Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Harry and Malfoy are going at it chasing after the Golden Snitch when Dementors attack Harry, interrupting the game. Harry attempts to avoid the Dementors but falls into a canyon nearby with the Dementors right behind him.

The ride moves you to another dark room representing the canyon floor where animatronic Dementors attack you. You’ll move past a giant basilisk skeleton until you eventually see the dark mark in the sky. Harry uses a Patronus charm to scare the Dementors away. The canyon floor begins to collapse, so you and Harry fly out to safety.

Together, you fly over the lake, and Harry tells you to meet him in the castle’s Great Hall. You reach Hogwarts and enter through the doors to the Great Hall, where you find the entire Hogwarts student body cheering you on for a job well done, with Harry celebrating a victory by holding the Golden Snitch in the air. Then, you turn to find Dumbledore, Hermione, and more students cheering you on when Dumbledore says you are always welcome back at Hogwarts, completing the ride.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Motion Sickness

Even though the Forbidden Journey is an incredible ride, it’s also the most likely to get you sick after riding it. As most of the ride is screen-based with intense simulated movements, your stomach will feel each spin, drop, and plunge the ride puts you through. If you are susceptible to motion sickness, this ride will likely cause you to feel ill within a minute of riding. Dizziness and lightheadedness have also been reported after riding the Forbidden Journey. However, some people can ride this ride without experiencing any of those symptoms.

Height Requirements for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Height requirements for this ride are minimum compared to some on-rail coasters. You must be at least 48″ to ride the Forbidden Journey.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Wait Times

The wait times for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey are usually between 60 and 90-minutes.

#12 – Flight of the Hippogriff

Flight of the Hippogriff is a short, on-rail rollercoaster across from Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This rollercoaster is the perfect beginner coaster for kids and adults alike.

There are no inversions, and the ride only reaches a max speed of 28 mph, making it an overall relaxing experience for riders. There are also no high drops either, which makes it suitable for those who may have a fear of heights.

In addition, a full-size animatronic Buckbeak, the hippogriff from Prisoner of Azkaban, awaits you right at the start of the ride, which is a welcome addition for fans of the franchise.

The ride also gives you a great view of Hogwarts, making you feel like you are on school grounds.

Height Requirements for Flight of the Hippogriff

As this is a kid’s ride, height restrictions are minimal. Riders must be at least 36″ to ride Flight of the Hippogriff.

Wait times for Flight of the Hippogriff

Wait times for the ride are usually 25 minutes.

#13 – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Hagrid’s Magical Creature’s Motorbike Adventure is a fast, on-rail rollercoaster that is fun for riders of all ages. This coaster is unique at Universal because it utilizes practical effects and massive animatronics to immerse the riders rather than screens or simulations. It also has a cleverly designed ride vehicle that is unlike any other on a modern rollercoaster. It also is fully voiced, another aspect that most other on-rail rollercoasters do not have. All those features combined make it one of the best rides in Universal.

The Unique Ride Vehicle of Hagrid’s Magical Creature’s Motorbike Adventure

The ride vehicle for Hagrid’s Magical Creature’s Motorbike Adventure is shaped like a motorcycle with a passenger cab. One seat is the motorcycle, while the other is the passenger cab. The rider on the motorcycle seat sits up and holds onto the handlebars for support throughout the ride, while the rider in the passenger cab sits down in a lower position. Once the rider chooses which seat they would like to be in, the ride begins.

hagrid’s Magical Creature’s Motorbike Adventure Ride Experience

The ride starts to music from Hedwig’s theme and a brief word from Hagrid telling you not to mind the thestrals (invisible horses only visible to those who have witnessed death, as seen in Order of the Phoenix) as they are clever and useful.

The ride quickly speeds up to around 20 mph taking you to the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. After a few wide turns and a couple of bumps, you’ll slow down to about five mph and enter Hagrid’s Hut, where you’ll find a full-size animatronic Hagrid attempting to capture Blast-End Skrewt.

Immediately after exiting the hut, you launch once again to speeds of 32 mph. You’ll ascend your first large incline before descending rapidly on a turn that leads to more twists and turns.

Hagrid, over your bike’s speakers, says you are heading into the Forbidden Forest. As he says this, a full-size Fluffy, the three-headed Cerberus, will be on your left, chewing on a giant bone; but not to worry because his barks are worse than his bites.

The ride speeds up again to 41 mph as you come across the Weasley family car broken down atop a hill. You’ll descend into the hill’s opening filled with smoke and rapidly ascend a disconnected track.

Hagrid tells you that your bikes have lost power, marking the turning point of the ride. From here, the ride launches you backward back into the smokey cave and down a different track, which after a few turns and twists, takes you into a dark cave deep into the Forbidden Forest.

According to Hagrid, you have been entangled in Devil’s Snare, a plant that continuously traps the victim the more they struggle to get out. Looking above, you’ll see animatronic roots moving about in all directions. Hagrid then notices that the missing Blast-Ended Skrewts have been found and uses magic to accelerate you forward and out of the Devil’s Snare.

This acceleration is the fastest launch of the ride, taking you from 0 mph to 50 mph in two seconds. After a few last twists and turns, you’ll arrive in some ruins outside of the Forbidden Forest, where Hagrid mentions that you’ve found a mother and baby unicorn, which signals the end of the ride.

Motion Sickness on Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure

Because this ride has neither inversions, simulation effects with screens, nor any 3D aspects involved, you do not have to worry about motion sickness on Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure.

Height Requirements for Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure

Height requirements are standard for Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure like many other thrill rides at the park. Riders must be at least 48″ to ride.

Wait Times for Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure

The wait times for this ride vary greatly, but no matter what, you can expect a long line. Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure has one of the longest wait times in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Typically wait times for Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure range between 60-180 minutes.

#14 – Hogwarts Express – Hogsmeade Station to Diagon Alley

Hogwarts Express – Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley is a park transportation system that takes you from Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure to Diagon Ally in Universal Studios Florida.

Like the Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade version, the Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley ride also uses visual storytelling to make your trip to the other park more enjoyable.

After the train arrives at the station, one of the cast members will direct you to a specific cabin to sit. Once your cabin doors close, you will no longer be able to see outside your room. The windows are screens that help create a visual story for your ride.

Hogwarts Express – Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley Ride Experience

The ride starts with the train departing from Hogsmeade Station. Hagrid will wave goodbye as you leave and begin your journey back to Diagon Alley.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk by your cabin when Harry tries to get into your cabin, only for Hermione to tell him it’s occupied, and Ron comments that you look like first years.

An owl will fly by the outside train window, immediately followed by Buckbeak the Hippogriff. Buckbeak passes along the train over the Black Lake, where you can see Hogwarts in the distance.

You enter the Forbidden Forest, where you’ll see centaurs running along with you until eventually, you exit the forest and into the open, where you’ll see an even better view of Hogwarts.

Fred and George Weasley fly by on brooms to their theme song as they advertise their new shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, in Diagon Alley until you’ll ride past a hill, leaving Hogwarts, and their advertisement, behind.

You ride past Tom Riddle’s Manor, where a thunderstorm occurs.

Meanwhile, outside your interior window, someone walks by and drops chocolate spiders. They begin to crawl up the windows when Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk by. Ron, afraid of spiders, notices them immediately, but Harry knowing they are candy, picks one up and eats it.

Outside, you have reached the Muggle world, where things are progressing normally. The traffic in the city is heavy, with cars driving everywhere. In the distance, you can spot the Night Bus that can magically change its size and avoid any traffic in its way. The Night Bus quickly passes you as you enter King’s Cross Station, signaling the end of the ride.

Now, you have reached Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida! Here, you can ride on many more rides and experience the additional attractions that Universal has to offer.

Wait times for the Hogwarts Express

Typically, wait times for the Hogwarts Express – Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley is 25 minutes long.

Seuss Landing

#15 – The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride!

Track 1Purple Track that focuses on the attractions around Seuss Landing

The Dr. Seuss Sky Train is a short, slow, aerial train ride that takes you around Seuss Landing on a relaxing, rhyming ride.

Similar to the People Mover in Disney World’s Tomorrowland, but much shorter, the ride is mainly a relaxing way to spend five minutes off your feet. The difference between the People Mover and the Seuss Trolley Train Ride is that this ride has two different versions.

One version, the purple track, takes you around Seuss Landing, highlighting multiple attractions of this section of the park. The other version, the turquoise track, also takes you around Seuss landing and through the Circus McGurkus Cafe and a room being cleaned by the “Star On Machine.”

Track 2 Turquoise Track that takes you through the Circus McGurkus Cafe and other attractions

Height Requirements for The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride

Height requirements for the trolley train ride are 36″, but those under 48″ must be supervised at all times.

Wait Times for the Seuss Trolley Train Ride

Typically, wait times for this ride are 10 minutes.

#16 – Caro-Suess-el

The Caro-Seuss-el is a traditional carousel with a Dr. Seuss theme across from the Circus McGurkus Cafe.

On the ride, you can choose to sit on a character from the many Dr. Seuss children’s books. A unique aspect of the Caro-Seuss-el is that the carousel characters have moving parts you can control. You can make their heads swivel or their eyes blink while you enjoy the short ride.

Are there height restrictions for the Caro-Seuss-el?

As this is a kid-friendly carousel, the ride has no height restrictions.

Wait times for the Caro-Seuss-El

Typically, the wait time for the Caro-Seuss-el is five minutes.

#17 – One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is an aerial carousel based on the famous Dr. Seuss children’s book.

Similar to the aerial carousel in Simpson Land on the other side of Universal, the concept for this ride is the same. The ride lifts you into the air and slowly flies you around in a circle.

Like many other aerial carousels, with a lever inside the ride vehicle (shaped as one of the fish from the book), each rider can choose how high their fish flies in the air.

On this ride, a song based on the book plays in the background while you fly around.

Height Restrictions for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

As this is a kid-friendly ride, this attraction has no height restrictions.

Wait Times for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Typically, wait times for this ride are 15 minutes.

#18 – The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is the main attraction in Seuss Landing. It is the only classic indoor dark ride in Islands of Adventure that does not contain any simulation effects or screens.

The Cat in the Hat Ride Experience

The Cat in the Hat ride takes riders through one of Dr. Seuss’ most famous stories, The Cat in the Hat. Like in the book, the ride starts with the Cat’s arrival at the children’s house. As you move through the house, you watch the Cat quickly causing mischief until he introduces the children to Thing One and Thing Two. Because the children’s mom is not at home, the talking house fish urges the Cat and his things not to make a mess, but no one listens.

The rider moves further into the house, where it gets into more and more of a mess courtesy of Thing One and Thing Two. The fish, in a panic, spots the mom arriving. The fish urges the older brother to catch Thing One and Thing Two, which he does with a net. The Cat realizes that the kids are no longer having fun and decides to stop the shenanigans and clean up his mess.

With a special machine, the Cat manages to clean the house in seconds before the mom manages to walk into the house. When the mom asks how their day was, the boy contemplates what to say and asks the riders what they would do, thus ending the ride.

Motion Sickness on the Cat in the Hat

Multiple times throughout the ride, your ride vehicle spins around to enhance the overwhelming nature of the events in the scene. Because of that, there is a chance you may feel motion sickness after the ride; however, because those moments are minimal, it is unlikely.

Height Requirements for the Cat in the Hat

As the Cat in the Hat is a kid-friendly ride, the attraction has no height requirements.

Wait times for the Cat In the Hat

The usual wait time for the Cat in the Hat is 10 minutes.

Playgrounds and more around Islands of Adventure:

Toon Lagoon

#19 – Me Ship, The Olive

Me Ship, The Olive is a small explorable area in Toon Lagoon modeled after Popeye’s famous boat, The Olive.

In Me Ship, The Olive, you can walk around the bottom and top floor of the ship filled with fun, interactive activities made for kids. A staircase leads to the upper deck (though there is an elevator) with a slide back to the bottom deck and water squirters to help get the Bilge-Rat Barges riders wetter during their ride.

Jurassic Park

#20 – Jurassic Park Discovery Center

If you or anyone in your party is interested in dinosaurs, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center is a place you do not want to miss.

The Jurassic Park Discovery Center, modeled after the building from the original Jurassic Park, contains many activities and an exciting show, all with dinosaur themes.

You can learn about how Jurassic Park started by watching an extended version of the same introductory movie shown in the original film, featuring the character DNA. Then, you can watch a baby dinosaur hatch and learn more about the type of dinosaur it is from a Jurassic Park scientist (actually an actor).

You can also play a few games, like using a computer to scan a baby dinosaur egg to see the dinosaur’s appearance before its birth or discovering your DNA by scanning your hand on a machine. Then, you can touch real dinosaur bones provided by another Jurassic Park scientist.

Seuss Landing

#21 – If I Ran The Zoo

If I Ran the Zoo is a kid’s playground themed after the Dr. Seuss children’s book of the same name.

In this playground/water pad, kids can explore the area where they will find slides, spinning wheels, and other interactive activities that can sometimes make Seuss characters appear.

Kids can play with water fountains shaped as umbrellas or splash in a little pond at the water pad.

There are also Seuss zoo animals that kids can ride that don’t move but instead rocks back and forth.

Shows and More in Islands of Adventure:

Though rides may be the main attractions at Islands of Adventure, other activities around the park may interest you. Shows and character meet-and-greets are a big part of all Universal Studios parks, and at Islands of Adventure, there are many shows throughout each section of the park. 

In Marvel Superhero Landing:

  • Meet Spider-Man and the Marvel Superheros:
    • Characters include Spider-Man, Captain America, Rogue, Wolverine, Cyclops, Doctor Doom, and Green Goblin. 

In Toon Lagoon:

  • Meet Classic Comic Book Characters:
    • Characters include Popeye, Betty Boop, Olive Oyl, and more.

In Jurassic Park:

  • Raptor Encounter:
    • During this show, you’ll meet Blue, Bravo, and the baby raptors Tango and Sierra (under the supervision of a trained Jurassic Park ranger) from Jurassic World. You’ll also learn more about raptors, including facts and trivia. 

In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

  • The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle
    • At night, you can watch a light show where the entire castle becomes illuminated with magic while the movie’s music surrounds you.
  • Triwizard Spirit Rally
    • You can watch a spirit rally from the magical schools Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Each school has a unique way of celebrating the Triwizard tournament that showcases different magical cultures. 
  • Frog Choir
    • You can listen to the students of Hogwarts sing along to famous wizard songs with the help of their giant frogs. 
  • Ollivanders Wand Shop
    • In Hogsmeade, you can visit Ollivander’s wand shop. There, you can watch one lucky visitor receive their own wand with the help of one of Ollivander’s assistants. However, it’s more likely that the wand itself chooses the wizard. 
    • Wait times are usually 10 minutes.

In the Lost Continent:

  • The Mystic Fountain
    • This magical water fountain talks to guests as you walk by it. It tells jokes and riddles and interacts with anyone who would speak with it. 
    • Warning: You may get wet if you answer one of its questions wrong.
  • Poseidon’s Fury
    • In this water show, you travel to the city of Atlantis, where you can watch the ancient god Poseidon battle against his enemy, Lord Darkennon. Poseidon’s fury is a fun family show filled with practical effects and mediocre acting (which makes it all the better).
    • Typically, wait times for Poseidon’s Fury are 35 minutes. 

In Seuss Landing:

  • Meet the Seuss Characters
    • You can meet various characters from Dr. Seuss’ children’s books, including The Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am, The Grinch, and Thing One and Two.
  • Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear!
    • Listen to musical reenactments of many Dr. Seuss stories featuring multiple characters from the novels. 

Islands of Adventure is only one section of Universal Studios Orlando! Two more areas of the park are open for you to explore! If you’d like to swim or go on water rides, head to Volcano Bay! If you want to ride more rides and see more attractions, go to Universal Studios Florida!

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