Batman The Ride (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Batman the Ride (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Batman the Ride (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Batman the Ride (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) is a 4-D free spin attraction with an experience that changes every ride. Unlike most rollercoasters with a set experience that never changes no matter how many times a rider goes on it, Batman the Ride is different.

The experience for Batman the Ride is determined by the rider’s physical makeup. Although the circuit remains the same, the rider’s physical characteristics determine how intense the ride will be. For example, four large adults riding at once will have a more intense experience than four small kids. The increased weight of the adults will cause the free spin to twist more forcefully due to momentum. The result is a ride unlike anything else at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

Ride Experience for Batman The Ride (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

The ride begins as riders climb the 120 ft vertical chain lift hill. They ascend past two other stories, reaching the third story at the top of the hill. Riders drop at the top of the hill, causing them to somersault forward in a flip. Three more hills remain at the peak of the ride, which causes riders to flip on their backs each time.

Riders then go over a raven drop to the second story, which causes them to change positions with the other row and now move in either a forward or backward direction. The second story consists of a bunny hill and a medium-sized drop that both cause the riders to flip in the air.

Riders go over another raven drop, changing the row positioning while flipping and bringing them to the first story. This section of the ride consists of an incline hill that again causes riders to flip for the last time and a final raven drop which brings them back to the launch station, ending the ride.

The total duration of Batman the Ride is approximately 50 seconds.

Height Requirements for Batman The Ride (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Riders must be at least 48″ to ride this ride.

Average Wait time for Batman the Ride (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

You can expect to wait 15-20 minutes for this ride.

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